Discovery Shores Resort – Guest Review

Disclaimer: I have not received any services or compensation from Discovery Shores Resort for writing this review. All opinions are solely my own based on my experience at the resort.


The Discovery Shores Resort experience begins from the time you step foot off the plane and out of Caticlan Airport. There is a representative from the resort waiting to take your bags as you arrive and ready to transport you to the lounge by the pier via van. At the lounge, you will receive your Discovery Shores Resort bracelet as you wait for the speedboat to pick you up and jet across the water to the beautiful island of Boracay.


After the short 5-minute speedboat ride, which includes a snack, water, and a cool towel, another van is waiting to take you to Discovery Shores approximately twenty minutes away. Once you arrive at the resort, all the staff is waiting to greet you with a kind hand over their heart as you are led to the front desk for check-in.


Every morning, the breakfast buffet is set with a mixture of various Western and Filipino dishes. They even have two types of bacon, crispy and soft, depending on which you prefer. The food, all the food from the restaurant, is delicious! We had a chance to try breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the resort and everything that came out of the kitchen was amazing. I did not try a single dish that I did not like from the restaurant. Throughout the day, you can order snacks like poké bowls or nachos at the pool or at the beach, and they will even bring it straight to your lounger.

Travel Tip: Try the adobo fried rice! Yum!


The Terra Spa is located above the restaurant and front desk and is one of the best spa experiences I have ever had. We booked a 90-minute massage and a 60-minute facial during our last night at the resort. We all agreed it was definitely worth the price. The treatments are very affordable and the therapists are very professional and truly skilled.


The food, the accommodation, and the spa are all very good at Discovery Shores, but the thing that sets this place apart from all the others is the staff. The staff goes above and beyond the standards of excellent customer service to a level that is unparalleled to anywhere else in the world. Walking around the grounds, every staff member you pass will politely greet you with their hand across their chest and a big smile. They will even fold your clothes while you swim at the pool or clean your sunglasses for you if they get dirty. There is no task that is impossible for the team at Discovery Shores, and I have no doubt that they will do whatever they can to help make your vacation in Boracay a true paradise.

Day 109 – Manila, Philippines

Ugh, I’m so frustrated. I literally just lost my entire post on my phone because it didn’t save. But it went something like…


Not much going on today. I tuned in at 0900 to watch S7 E2 of GOT. Then, I scrambled downstairs to make the deadline for free breakfast by 1100. I walked across the street to the Newport Mall aka Resorts World and had the spam and eggs brekkie at Cafe Maxims. It wasn’t the best but wasn’t the worst. Oh well, it was free so no complaints here! After breakfast, I went back to my room until about 12:30 when I had to check-out.


I left my backpack with the concierge desk and went back to Resorts World since I didn’t want to stray too far away. I had about 8 hours to kill before I had to return and catch the airport shuttle. I decided to watch a movie at Newport Cinema. There were only four options available, so I chose Dunkirk. It’s a WW2 movie based on real-life events. The best part was that Newport Cinema offers free unlimited popcorn and drinks with reclining seats for less than $10 USD. What a deal!

I only have about $20 USD or less left in cash, so I went downstairs to the casino after the movie. I needed to waste some time and not too much money so I only played 200 pesos and ended up winning an extra 100 pesos ($2). It’s no jackpot but at least my roulette fix was satisfied.

Yikes! Super long queues at NAIA Teminal 1.

I only had a few more hours left before the airport shuttle pick-up, so I went back to the Remington Hotel and sat in the lobby until 8pm. The shuttle was faster than expected, so I arrived at the airport an hour earlier than I planned and had to wait a bit before I could check-in to my flight. I still don’t know why I booked myself onto another red-eye flight, as I told myself Bali would be the last time. I will land in Tokyo around 6:30am and cannot check-in to the hostel until a whopping 4:00pm. I guess that leaves me with lots of time to do my homework and research things to do while I’m in Japan. It’s my last stop of the trip and the final two weeks before I go back home to the US! It was actually a bit strange to tell the guy at the counter that my next destination after Japan will be home. What a bittersweet feeling.

Day 108 – Manila, Philippines

After two weeks of traveling with my friends and family from back home, I am officially once again a solo backpacker. We checked-out of the hotel in the late morning and went back to the Mall of Asia to have lunch at the same Korean BBQ restaurant that we had dinner at last night. It started out as a joke, but Kathleen and I both agreed that the food was so good that we could eat it again. So we did.

We walked around the mall for a minute to get some last minute pasalubongs and then headed back to the hotel to collect our stuff. I said my goodbyes to Kathleen and JC and then walked down the street to my next hotel, the Remington Hotel. I had stayed there previously in January when I came to the Philippines, so I knew it would be a good place to camp out on my last night in Manila. I got checked-in then came up to my room and had lots of time to relax for the remainder of the day.

Resorts World Manila, hello again!

I walked across the street to Resorts World Manila to grab a banh mi and Vietnamese coffee for an early dinner. Then, I pretty much spent the rest of the evening watching the New Zealand series from Karl Watson Travel Documentaries. Karl Watson is a filmmaker and backpacker that created a series called HK2NY, where he and his mate, James, backpacked for 9-months through 20 countries and across 4 continents. They started in Hong Kong and ended in New York (hence the HK2NY). This is the series that inspired my entire trip. I first came across HK2NY on Youtube when I searched “backpacking New Zealand” and suddenly I fell in love with the idea of a long-term travel adventure. It’s a great series, and I spent countless hours rewatching the episodes over and over again on Youtube in preparation for this trip. Tomorrow is my last day in the Philippines. I feel like I have been at home, even though it’s still a foreign country, but I have been so lucky to be surrounded by family and friends for the past 2 weeks. Onto my next destination … Tokyo, Japan!

Day 107 – Manila, Philippines

City of Dreams. I’m back in Manila after spending two weeks exploring the Philippines. I’ve been to so many islands in this beautiful country this year alone, but I have only scratched the surface of what the Philippines has to offer. I can’t wait to come back and keep exploring.


We left our Airbnb in Dumaguete early this morning to catch our flight back to Manila. Our host, Cherry, graciously offered to drop us off at the airport. When we arrived at the airport, we did the normal travel errands, had lunch, and walked across the skybridge to Resorts World to check-in to our hotel.


Our cousin, JC, was already waiting for us in the hotel lobby. We had a few hours to chill in the room before we left to our best friend’s housewarming party. We participated in the house blessing as part of the family, and then celebrated with a huge spread of Filipino food.

Congratulations to some of the most amazing humans that I’ve ever known on your beautiful new home! Anyone that knows this family knows that they are the sweetest, kindest, most welcoming people on the planet. And they always know how to throw a party!

We mingled for a bit and caught up with Elise and Kyle, since I haven’t seen them in over three months. It’s always such a nice feeling to see friends from back home abroad. I’m missing all my friends and family, but I will be home very soon.

Over the moon excited to be reunited with my Besties in the Philippines!

If I’ve learned anything in the Philippines, it’s that Filipinos will go any lengths for their family. I am blown away by the generosity and willingness of Filipinos to help others, whether they be strangers, foreigners, or their own family. It’s one thing that I would definitely say makes me truly proud to be Filipino.


After the party, we took a Grab to the Mall of Asia and had our last cousins dinner at 6-7-8 Korean BBQ. Definitely hit the spot since I’ve been craving my beloved Gyu Kaku. We ordered some thinly sliced pork belly and marinated boneless short ribs. Our food came with a variety of side dishes. The kimchi was mouth-watering delicious. After our meal, I had a strawberry popsicle/ice cream dessert as we walked around the MOA.

Marinated boneless beef short ribs from 6-7-8 Korean BBQ

Day 106 – Dumaguete, Philippines

Today was a fail travel day. We left the hotel in Siquijor at 0930 and got a van back to the port. Our plan was to book the 11o’clock OceanJet liner back to Dumaguete and connect with our Airbnb host to take a day trip to Manjuyhod Sandbar. However, once again the OceanJet was not operational today due to ongoing maintenance, so we had to scramble at the last minute. Luckily, our drive, Vricks, had brought us to the port an hour early so we were able to catch (literally) the 10:00 ferry back. The lady at the ticketing booth had to radio the boat to ask them to wait for us as we sped through security and ran onto the ferry. Everybody was staring at us with our huge backpacks strapped to our backs as we ran.

We made it to Dumaguete around noon. Our Airbnb host, Cherry, picked us up from the port and drove us to the apartment where we would be staying. It’s a two-story apartment with six beds to share between the two of us. We had a few minutes to change and drop off our bags and went outside to hop on the local bus to Manjuyhod. The bus did not have air-con, but it was breezy enough to have the windows down and not be too bad. However, five minutes into the drive, it started to rain, so all the windows had to go back up. We were stuck in a hot, humid, metal box for an hour. Eventually, we got out of the rain and put the windows back down so we could get some fresh air.

We got dropped off at Jollibee in Bais City so we could connect with our boat driver, Kim. We had a quick lunch inside and then Kim took us to his boat via motorbike. Both of us. The sky was overcast in Manjuyhod, so it wasn’t the best day to go out to the sandbar. It was actually rather disappointing because the water wasn’t the amazing emerald color that we had seen in all the pictures. We walked around the sandbar for a bit before returning back to shore. After another meal at Jollibee, we took the local bus back to Dumaguete. This time, it was rush hour, so the first three buses that stopped were packed. Finally, we had to push our way onto the next bus, which only had standing room for the first 10-15 minutes. All in all, it wasn’t the best day for pictures, but it definitely was a memorable one.

Day 105 – Siquijor, Philippines

The adventures continue in Siquijor. Kathleen and I shared some cornflake crusted French toast for breakfast this morning. Then, we rented a pair of motorbikes to explore the island. (Sorry, Mom!) I had so much fun cruising on the road passing by the banana leaves and coconut trees on both sides of me. Our first stop of the day was at at Cambugahay Falls.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

We parked our bikes and walked down to the falls with one of the local guides. Cambugahay Falls is a series of waterfalls, but we spent a majority of our time at the top falls. There were only a handful of people in the water when we arrived, and we soon became the only ones swimming for a bit. There was a little cave underneath the waterfall that our guide showed me, and they also have a rope so you can swing into the water.

After a few hours of relaxing in the cool freshwater, we left Cambugahay Falls and headed back towards our hotel. On the way home, we stopped at the Old Enchanted Balete Tree. A little bit about Siquijor. The island is known as a mystical island. It’s known for witchcraft, magic and natural healing. The “Old Tree” as it is referred to by the locals, is said to be over 400 years old. At the base of the tree is a small pond where you can dip your feet in the water and have the small fish nibble at your toes as they eat away the dead skin. It was such a strange feeling in the beginning and I kept withdrawing my feet, because it was a tickling sensation.


After our natural spa treatment, we left the Old Tree on our motorbikes and headed back to the Salamangka Beach and Dive Resort, where we had lunch. Tomorrow we are leaving Siquijor Island and going back to Dumaguete. My time in the Philippines is quickly coming to an end, and I can feel the end of my 4-month trip starting to draw near. Looking back, I am still in awe with all the things I have seen, all the things I have done, and all the wonderful people I have met. This trip has truly been a life-changing experience.

Day 104 – Siquijor, Philippines


I jumped off a cliff! We finally made it to Siquijor Island. Two flights and a ferry later. We left The Flying Fish hostel at 9am and got a tricycle to the pier. Our initial plan was to book the OceanJet fast boat across the water to the island, however, when we arrived at the ticketing office, we were informed that there were no boats servicing to Siquijor today due to “routine maintenance.” Time to put our backpacker skills to the test! We decided to take a ferry instead, so we got dropped off a bit further and bought our tickets at the first booth.


We found ourselves onto the ferry after getting turned around a time or two. The boat itself was old but fine considering the tickets only cost us less than $2 USD pp. The ferry was running late, so we didn’t actually depart until 10:30 or 11:00. It was scheduled to leave at 10am, but hey that’s Asia for you. You learn to roll with the punches and go with the flow.


We arrived in Siquijor, hired a van to take us to the Salamangka Beach and Dive Resort, and checked-in to our hotel. We had lunch at the resort. I had a pasta carbonara and Kathleen had a flatbread. The serving sizes were massive and neither one of us could finish our dishes, so we asked the kitchen if they could keep our leftovers in the fridge for us. They were very quick to agree without any issues or questions. Later, when we returned to the restaurant for dinner, they reheated our leftovers and served them on fresh plates for us for free. There are not many people staying in the resort at this time, because it is currently low-season so I don’t know if this kind of service would be allowed every time. However, it was so amazing and very accommodating.


After lunch, we went back to our room to change and then took a tricycle across the island to Salagdoong Beach. The beach is known for its two diving platforms, the tallest one at 10 meters (32.8 ft). Since the tide was too low, the lower platform (20 ft) and the slide were closed off. We both waited anxiously to see if anyone was going to be brave enough to jump off the high jump. Finally, we climbed up to the top to see for ourselves.

Scared for my life, but I saw a sea turtle from up here!

It was definitely high up. We were looking over the edge as we took our pictures. Our tricycle driver, Benjie, came to the top with us. We kept trying to convince him to jump but he politely declined. He said he would only jump if we jumped but we were too chicken. Some of the other locals came up behind us and jumped off the platform. Even they looked like they were nervous but they kept coming back for more. We met a couple of travelers, and after a few minutes of mustering his courage, our new friend hopped off the platform into the ocean. We also met another group of local guys that were brave enough to jump. After watching more and more people jump off the platform, Kathleen finally convinced herself to go. After she jumped, our driver, Benjie, kept his word and jumped in right after her.


I knew I needed to face my fears and do something brave, so I decided to jump too. I was surprised myself that I even wanted to. My heart was pounding in the beginning, but I just kept my eyes locked straight and took a few steps before hopping off the platform into the ocean. The fall was longer than I had anticipated, so I shut my eyes and got ready for the plunge. That’s it! Splash! I hit the water, came back up. My legs were in pain all the way up to my thighs, but I did it! I was so relieved and terrified at the same time. After watching all my friends crush their adrenaline activities in Queenstown, I’m so glad I conquered my fear! This will definitely help make this trip to the Philippines a bit more unforgettable. #parasablog

Day 103 – Dumaguete, Philippines

We left the comfort of The Funny Lion and finally arrived in Dumaguete. We started our travel day at 0900 this morning with a short flight from Coron to Manila. We had a quick 2-hour layover, hopped over to Terminal 3 via airport shuttle, and caught our second flight to Dumaguete. The flight was a little over an hour, so we arrived in Dumaguete around 4 in the afternoon.

Our hostel, The Flying Fish, was only a short 8-minute tricycle ride from the airport. It’s a small hostel with a very nice industrial vibe. We hailed another tricycle to take us into town for dinner, where we each had a burger and fries. Dumaguete is a small town on the coast, but it’s nice to be back in civilization!

It was already nightfall when we finished eating, so we got a ride back to our hostel and got ready for bed. We are both pretty tired from traveling all day, especially with the humidity. Tomorrow we plan on getting a boat or ferry across to Siquijor Island. The island is rumored to have monsters that live on the island, so hopefully we don’t get eaten.

Day 102 – Coron, Philippines


Last day in Coron. I had a chance to sleep in this morning since we didn’t really book anything for today. We hit the breakfast buffet before returning to the room so that I could watch the season premiere of Game of Thrones at 0900. Afterwards, we split our some time between the pool and rooftop bar, because the weather has cleared up. Finally some blue skies this morning!


For lunch we decided to venture outside of the hotel restaurant and tried a local place. We had chicken mee goreng and pork sisig, then walked across the street for dessert. I chose to try some cinnamon turon with apple and ice cream. Yum!


After lunch, we came back to The Funny Lion. I took a nap, and then we watched a lot of Masterchef on TV. This hotel has been so great. Every evening, they come to the room for turndown service and bring us mini desserts. They even had a farewell gift for us with a personalized message. They really know how to make their guests feel welcome and have no shortage of that Filipino hospitality. Tomorrow will be another long travel day.

Day 101 – Coron, Philippines


Today we went on our second island tour, Tour B, in Coron! It was a bit more expensive than Tour A but totally worthwhile! We had corned beef for breakfast at the buffet. I love being surprised every morning to see what the restaurant is serving for breakfast! After breakfast, we got picked up in a tricycle and dropped off at the pier again before we were loaded into our boat.


Another thing that I love about The Funny Lion is that they always provide beach towels and free water every time you leave on a day trip. All the staff at the hotel has been super sweet and accommodating during our entire stay. We arrived at the pier via tricycle and boarded the boat that would take us on our tour. Prior to leaving the pier, we signed a few waivers and had our quick safety briefing. Our guide, Henerson, really encouraged all the tourists to wear foot protection to avoid potential hazards in the water.


The first stop on our tour was at the famous Twin Lagoon. Since it was high tide, we were able to swim under the “secret entrance” and into the beautiful lagoon. The water in the lagoon is a mind-blowing green-blue tint, very similar to the water around El Nido and in the Andaman Coast of Thailand. It is so crystal clear that you can see straight down to the bottom. After swimming in the lagoon, we went to a dive site called Skeleton Wreck. This is the first time I’ve seen an underwater shipwreck. The tip of the ship was only about 6 meters deep so you could clearly see it from the surface of the water.


Lunch time! Our lunch was served at Banul Beach, also known as Smith Beach. This beach was even more beautiful than Sunset Beach from Tour A. The water was amazing and there were tall limestone rocks on both sides of us. We enjoyed our Filipino lunch with our new friends/family and then left to go to our next stop, the Reef Garden. This stop was basically a snorkeling site with lots of coral in the water. The highlight of this stop (and maybe the entire day) was when I saw a sea turtle! It was swimming in the deeper water but I caught a glimpse of it as it swam away.


The last stop of the day was at Luluyuan Lake, also known as Barracuda Lake. This lake is smaller than Kayangan Lake, and only 40 steps to climb compared to the 360 steps at Kayangan. The water in Luluyuan Lake is brackish water, which means it is a mixture of both saltwater and freshwater. We had an entire hour to swim at the lake before our boat left back to Coron Town. If you have time in Coron, I would definitely recommend doing both Tour A and B over two separate days. We were lucky enough to have a few hours of sunshine today, the most we’ve had during this whole trip. Since we split up our island tours over two separate days, we were able to avoid the heavy rain yesterday and enjoy the sun today. We also did not feel rushed when we were at the stops, so we actually had enough time to take pictures, go snorkeling, and enjoy the views.