Day 86 – Christchurch, New Zealand

It's snowing! We left Lake Tekapo in the morning and as I gathered my belongings to put inside the bus, I was pleasantly greeted with my first snowfall of the trip. Even though I've seen snow a handful of times in my life, there's nothing like the soft falling of snowflakes that will immediately make... Continue Reading →

Day 85 – Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Aren't you surprised to not see "Queenstown" up there again? That's right. I have finally left the beautiful town of Queenstown and have continued onto the last leg of my New Zealand trip. I got picked up outside of my hostel promptly at 0830 by my new bus driver, Gina, and drove through the small... Continue Reading →

Day 84 – Queenstown, New Zealand

Last night I went to Below Zero Ice Bar with the Stray friends from the hike Queenstown Hill. If you've never seen or been to an Ice Bar before, it's basically a bar that is built completely with sculpted ice. Upon entrance, you are given a parka and gloves before you walk into the large... Continue Reading →

Day 83 – Queenstown, New Zealand

I'm tired. Exhausted really. But the good kind of tired. I had a little bit of a sleep in this morning before checking-out of my hostel. I made a short walk down the street to drop off my bags at the YHA since the Haka Lodge didn't have any availability past tonight. After leaving my... Continue Reading →

Day 82 – Queenstown, New Zealand

Today was a bit of a recovery day after yesterday's activities. This morning I took a little walk around Queenstown and got lost in the little side streets that I had not seen before. I wandered for a bit before deciding on a smoked salmon bagel sandwich from a place called Balls & Bangels. The... Continue Reading →

Day 81 – Queenstown, New Zealand

Winter in June. I've been looking forward to snowboarding since I started my trip back in April, mostly because I wanted to be able to say that I went snowboarding in June! How cool! Anyways, I knew Queenstown was going to be the perfect place for it. While everyone else was busy jumping off of stuff,... Continue Reading →

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