Day 26 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The dark clouds look so ominous in the background

Last day in KL. This morning I was feeling better than the last, so I decided to take an extra hour of sleep before I started my day. I got up at 9:30 and headed to the train station to go explore the Petronas Towers. I exited KLCC station and immediately looked up and saw the two skyscrapers in front of me. I walked a little farther away to get a good view and snapped some photos before exploring KLCC park for a little bit. Time to head back. I managed to miss my connecting stop and get on the wrong train, but I finally made it back to my hotel barely in time to check-out. I was actually 15 minutes late, but they didn’t charge me. Whoo!

After checking-out of the hotel, I walked back to Restoran Kin Kin for another bowl of the delicious chili pan mee. Because I’m in Malaysia and #whynot? After lunch, I found another shopping mall on the way to KL Sentral, tried to find a way to walk to the botanical gardens and butterfly garden from the train station but was met by a huge intersection of highways. So instead, I went back to KL Sentral and ended up watching Guardians of the Galaxy to kill some time.

I caught this girl on the train sketching me, so I asked if I could take a picture. So cool!

Overall, Malaysia has been a nice change from Thailand. My brain has had to adjust from Thai baht to Malaysian ringgit. Also, everything here is so cheap. You have to try really hard to spend a lot of money. But I did it! The culture is definitely very different from anywhere else I have ever been to, but I am definitely glad I made it a part of this trip. PS, I do not have a beard.

Day 25 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Caution. If you’re not a nurse or somebody with a strong stomach and don’t mind reading a little “too much information” then I’d suggest you skip ahead to the pictures.

You have been warned. So I got my first bout of traveler’s diarrhea this morning, after KFC of all things. Lesson learned. The reason why I am sharing this information is because I want to show the whole truth about traveling. It’s not all about luxury and beaches all the time. Sometimes the truth gets ugly. 4 episodes in 4 hours to be exact. Luckily, I brought some handy Immodium in my first-aid kit so I could continue with my day sight-seeing.

Perfect bowl of chili pan mee @ Restoran Kin Kin

My first stop of the day was to enjoy my first bowl of chili pan mee in Malaysia. It was so delicious. I walked about 20 minutes to a place called Restoran Kin Kin, where they are known for their chili pan mee. I immediately knew why as soon as I took my first bite. This dish is a bowl of house-made noodles, perfectly bouncy in texture, served with dried anchovies, a poached egg, then you top it off with your as much dried roasted chili flakes as your heart desires. I split the egg and mixed the runny yolk with the rest of the bowl’s contents to create a savory sauce. So much for avoiding spicy and fried foods. Ha, when in KL!

After lunch, I had planned to take the public commuter train to Batu Caves. Basically, a temple built into the side of a cliff. You are immediately welcomed by a huge standing Hindu statue in the front of the cave. Unfortunately for me, the minute I stepped off the train, there was a heavy downpour of rain coming down from the sky. Most of the people around me were bundled together with their umbrellas and ponchos, seeking refuge from the rain. But I wasn’t about to let a little rain (Okay, a lot of rain) stop me from going to Batu Caves, especially since my time in Kuala Lumpur is so short! It was definitely a sight worth seeing.

And I will leave you with this little gem I found at the grocery store

Day 24 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Exploring the streets of Kuala Lumpur

Made it to Malaysia! After an early morning flight, I was awoken by the sudden drop against the airport’s runway. First impressions of Kuala Lumpur, it has a sort of New York vibe with so many cultural influences. There is random architecture that is unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere else in the world. KL is known for its cultural diversity with influences mainly from India, China, and Malay. They even have a fair share of Filipinos that live here!


The public transportation system is very clean, fast and easy to navigate. Not to mention, very cheap. In no time, I was in the city center and found myself wandering the streets in search of my hotel. A feeling I have come to dread in my travel. Not because of the unfamiliar environment, but mostly because of the fifty pounds that I have strapped to myself in the Asia heat and humidity. Wifi has also been less than par at the hotel, even now as I write out this entire blog post on Microsoft Word, in hopes of finding a connection later.

Attempting to find reliable wifi at Starbucks -Jackson #thatsnotmyname

KL has actually really impressed me so far. Tomorrow should be a fun, adventure-packed day. I have lots to accomplish in my short time here, as my next flight is in two days.