Day 62 – Melbourne, Australia

Last day in Australia. So the end of four weeks has arrived and I said So long, Australia and Hello to New Zealand! I remember being so happy when I first landed in Cairns. Happy to be back in a Western country. Happy to see blue skies and beautiful mountains out the window. Happy to... Continue Reading →

Day 61 – Melbourne, Australia

Today was my last full day in Melbourne before I fly out to New Zealand! I decided to continue the theme of self-care by doing things that make me happy. I explored a new side of the city that I haven't seen before. Fitzroy is cool neighborhood filled with tons of shops, restaurants, bars and... Continue Reading →

Day 60 – Melbourne, Australia

Two months in. Today I practiced my self-care. Which apparently involves eating a cheeseburger, lots of walking, Pokemon, and quiet time. I had an epiphany on my way back to the Shrine of Remembrance. The difference between traveling and visiting a place as a tourist. After reading Vagabonding by Rolf Potts, I would previously associate the... Continue Reading →

Day 59 – Melbourne, Australia

I'm tired. Tired because I have been walking all day long from 0900 until the sun went down at 5pm. Tired of going from place to place. Tired because I didn't get a good night's sleep. I'm just tired. I'm not trying to complain. Australia has been such a great country to travel. I honestly... Continue Reading →

Day 58 – Melbourne, Australia

I saw a wild kangaroo! I left the hostel at 7am this morning, before the sun had even come up so that I could make it back to Melbourne by 11am to return the car. Instead of driving six hours on the winding Great Ocean Road, I decided to go through the countryside instead. The... Continue Reading →

Day 57 – The Great Ocean Road

This morning I hired (rented) a car and drove along the Great Ocean Road to Port Campbell. The Great Ocean Road is a coastal highway in South Australia that passes through woods, fields, rolling hills, and along beaches. I have been wanting to rent a car to drive the Pacific Coast Highway for some time... Continue Reading →

Day 56 – Melbourne, Australia

Winter is here. Today is the first official day of winter in Australia. When I arrived in Melbourne, the temperature has been anywhere between 8-12°C (about 47-53°F). Which means it was time to bust out the winter gear. Backpacking and winter are two opposites, but I came prepared! Knowing it would be winter in the... Continue Reading →

Day 55 – Melbourne, Australia

Aquarium Day. Today I spent the day at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium. The doors opened at 0930 and I was one of the first people there to see all the fish. The aquarium is one of my favorite places to visit because I have a fascination with water. I don't really follow zodiac signs, but... Continue Reading →

Day 54 – Melbourne, Australia

Flight #15. Today marks the fifteenth flight that I've been on this year. And I still have at least seven more planned before I get home. That's amazing. Flying is one of my favorite modes of transportation. It's fast and steady for the most part and you can cover long distances in a matter of... Continue Reading →

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