The Millennials Kyoto – Hotel Review

Disclaimer: I have not received any services or compensation from The Millennials Kyoto for writing this review. All opinions are solely my own based on my experience at the hotel.


Overview. First and foremost, this is NOT a hostel. The Millennials Kyoto is a capsule-style hotel geared towards the younger generation known as “millennials.” It’s perfect for anybody that has come to Japan seeking to experience the infamous “capsule hotel” without sacrificing comfort. The hotel doubles as a coworking space, open to the public based on an hourly fee (or daily pass).


Location. The hotel is located on the busy street, Kawaramachi, in Kyoto, Japan. The best way to find the hotel from Kyoto Station is to take a local subway to Sanjo Station and walk approximately 5 minutes. It is also possible to catch a local bus and get dropped off at one of the multiple bus stops along Kawaramachi. The Millennials is located next to the Can Do shop and directly across the street from KFC and Flying Tiger. The reception desk is available on Level 8.


Accommodation. Each capsule includes a 1.2 meter bed, which is very spacious. The beds convert upwards into a comfortable sofa for daytime sitting. Other functions, including the lights, fan and projector screen* are controlled by an iPod Touch that is provided upon check-in. This is also your “keycard” to grant you access onto the floor. My floor had 38 individual capsules with a shared bathroom. There are also 4 toilets, 4 showers, and a tub with plenty of sink space. This was not an issue, as the floor only had a handful of guests each night, but may become an inconvenience if all the beds were full.

*Projectors are only available in select pods for an additional cost. Remotes provided, HDMI cables and Apple convertors are available at the reception desk upon request.




Amenities. Every pod includes a bath towel, small towel, free amenities kit and a pair of slippers. The hotel also provides complimentary sleepwear (for the full Japanese capsule experience). There is a kitchen on the 8th floor, a “rooftop terrace” which was just the roof and bike racks. There is also coffee and beer available according to the Welcome video, but I did not get a chance to try either.


Value. At around $28-31 USD/night, the price of The Millennials Kyoto is a great value! As a backpacker, I was very pleased with the hotel. The facility was brand-new and very clean. The staff was very friendly and spoke exceptional English. The lobby had a nice vibe that made me feel like I was back at home. The lack of laundry service could easily be overlooked, because as previously stated, this is not a hostel. It is, however, a great option for any traveler looking to experience their first capsule-hotel. I would highly recommend The Millennials Kyoto, you will not be disappointed!


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