Day 122 – Narita, Japan

That’s a wrap! The last day of my trip came up so fast. Looking back, I’m still in awe at everything that I’ve been able to accomplish since Day 1. From Thai temples, cooking classes, pampering elephants in Chiang Mai, a half-moon party, learning to SCUBA dive in Koh Tao, to beautiful beaches on the West Coast.

From the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, to the perfect bowl of chili pan mee, to a week in Bali and yoga in the rainforest.

From diving the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, a Whitsundays live-aboard, a camping trip on Fraser Island, my first surf lesson, cuddling a koala and feeding kangaroos in Brisbane, the lighthouse in Byron, the Sydney Opera House, road-tripping the Great Ocean Road, to the week in Melbourne.

From Cathedral Cove, digging a geothermal spa on the beach, experiencing Hobbiton, learning the haka at the Tamaki Maori Village, lots of day hikes, my first helicopter ride, hiking a glacier, picturesque lakes, a week in Queenstown, a cruise down Milford Sound, to snowboarding in June.

From the Supertree Grove in Singapore to a floating cloud forest. From my birthday in Boracay, parasailing, ATV rides, stand-up paddle boards, sunset dinner on the beach, an upside down museum in Manila, an unforgettable day island-hopping in Coron, renting motorbikes, rope swinging into a waterfall, to jumping off a 10 meter platform in Siquijor.

From the perfect bowl of ramen in Japan, to a beautiful shrine, a ride on the world’s fastest bullet train, staying in a capsule hotel, walking through a series of torii gates, Osaka Castle, the crazy Tokyo nightlife, to a trip to DisneySea.

The ride has been truly amazing. The people along the way have been the best. I am so lucky to have made so many new friends along the way from all over the world. I’m blessed to have been able to go on a life-changing trip like this one. I wanted to explore the world, to see new things, to do things that scare me. I feel like I accomplished this and so much more in the past four months, and looking back I just think … WOW. I can’t believe I did all that.

Thank you.

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