Day 121 – Tokyo, Japan

Last day in Tokyo! This morning was a little rough. The roommates in my dorm kept walking in and out of the room all morning. One guy keeps forgetting the key code to open the door so he has to keep trying over and over again. Unfortunately, my bed is the closest to the door so I can hear every beep on his failed attempts. At one point, I wanted to just tell them to keep the damn door open, so they wouldn’t have to keep opening and closing it so loudly. But I didn’t want to be that guy. And tonight is my LAST night in a hostel. Praise the Lord! One thing I definitely will not miss are the bad nights in hostels. Oh, the stories! I will say, they are not all bad but the bad ones will make you cringe.


I haven’t done much today, as I’ve now been in Tokyo for over a week in total and I feel like I’ve seen all that I really wanted to see. There’s still more that could be explored but I think I’d rather save that for another time, when my spirits are higher and I am excited about travel again. The thing about this trip is, travel is tiring. It’s not all sunshine and beaches and beauty. While it is those things, it’s also long overnight bus journeys, sleepless nights, red-eye flights, and a whole lot of sweat. I’m still not complaining because the past four months have definitely been a dream, but at this point I’m ready to wind down a bit and just mentally prepare myself for the 12-hr flight back home.


Anyways, I did a tiny bit of window shopping before meeting up with my cousins, Nika and Rap, in Shinjuku. It was just a quick Hey again before they leave back to the Kyoto/Shiga region and before I head back towards Narita to get closer to the airport. After seeing them, I stopped by Flying Tiger to pick up some last minute knick-knacks for myself and Dean & Deluca, which is an awesome bakery that I’ve passed by several times but never bought anything. I was like a kid in a candy store, piling up muffins and scones onto my tray! On my way home, I stopped at a couple more stores trying to find some special Japanese shampoo for my dad and then came back for a mid-day shower!


It’s still early in the day, but I think I will just relax with some Netflix, pack my bags and finish up any last minute errands before tomorrow. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be checking-out of the hostel and catching the trains back to Narita. I booked myself in a hotel close to the airport to save myself the 2-hour commute on the morning of my flight back home. It’s all pretty much tying up loose ends from this point on, and before I know it … I’ll be home.

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