Day 120 – Tokyo, Japan

Hamarikyu Garden

This morning I went to the Tsukiji Market, which is one of the most famous markets in the world. I didn’t care to wake up at 0500 to possibly catch the live tuna auction, instead I casually strolled in around 10am and walked the aisles of various eateries. I stopped when something caught my eye, like the freshest salmon and tuna nigiri, that was literally caught that same morning. Or the matcha soft serve ice cream, of course!

After my fun at the market, I decided to check out Hamarikyu Garden down the street. I had been in a little bit of a funk all morning. Everyone is entitled to one of those days. But I had no idea I would be in such a negative mood at the end of my trip. It was more like a bunch of little things all adding up, and I didn’t become aware of it until I was walking around the garden. It’s so hot and humid during the day. Plus, I’ve got a little URI going on and it’s impossible to find Western medicine here.


Frustrated, I realized there was no better place in the world to be than exactly where I was right now. I was literally standing in the middle of a Japanese sanctuary, surrounded by trees, ponds, and nature. I decided to find a nice shady spot next to the river, laid out on a bench and just calm down. After just sitting there for awhile and watching a few boats float down the river, I started to feel much better.

The rest of my day went immensely better. I found a huge patch of flowers around the garden on my way out. I ended up going back to the hostel for a shower and cooled down before heading back out to explore Shinjuku at night. I stopped into a little tempura restaurant late at night and had a very late dinner amongst the locals.


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