Day 119 – Tokyo, Japan

In the center of Tokyo DisneySea sits Mount Prometheus

Disney Day! Did you know there was a Disneyland in Tokyo? I’m not sure if I did before this trip, but I definitely didn’t know about Tokyo’s DisneySea, which is the only one of its kind in the entire world! For starters, Tokyo Disneyland is Disneyland. But Tokyo DisneySea is a nautical-themed disney park (and it’s awesome!). I knew I would have to make it a part of this trip, because this will probably be the only time in my life that I will get to experience DisneySea. So here’s how the day went…

I woke up a little later than I wanted to, thanks to last night’s adventures, but that’s okay because even though I didn’t make it to the gates just as they were opening, I really appreciated the extra hours of sleep. And I definitely wanted to be well rested for the day! It took about an hour by train to get to the parks, and when I finally arrived at the entrance, there was no line at the ticket booth. (Yes!)

Don’t forget to grab your FastPass for the most popular rides first! And they’re free!

So I didn’t exactly do a lot of research prior to coming to DisneySea. Partly because I wanted to be surprised and explore the park on my own, but maybe I should’ve had a better plan right off the bat. My first tip would be to have a good breakfast before you arrive. It may seem too simple and really obvious, but you want to have your head straight so you can tackle the rides strategically. I definitely was a bit hangry when I entered the park, so the first hour was spent trying to find food I actually wanted to eat without waiting in a crazy line.

Pro Tip: When you first arrive, go straight to Mysterious Island and grab a FastPass ticket for the Journey to the Center of the Earth.

I love the mixing of the two elements at the Raging Spirits ride!

My other critical boo-boo, was not getting a FastPass for this ride as my first one. Instead, I grabbed a ticket for Raging Spirits because it was the closest at the time. But you’re only allowed to hold one FastPass at a time, and I ended up using the Single Riders line for this ride anyway, so it was a waste of time. By the time I finally found the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride, the FastPass tickets were already out. It didn’t ruin my day, it’s just another reason to come back.

Ukiwa bun is a shrimp-filled steamed bun of goodness near Port Discovery!

Back on schedule. Like I said, the first thing I did was to get some food inside my belly. I was getting a bit overwhelmed by the crowds of people (It should be named DisneySeaofpeople) and finally decided to just buck up and wait in line for the Ukiwa buns. These Chinese buns are steamed and filled with shrimp, and they look like little lifesavers! The queue wasn’t too long and it went by pretty fast, so it was a definite win! Now that my stomach was happy, I was ready to go on some rides!

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull

I, myself, am a fan of amusement parks as a solo traveler and the biggest reason why is … SINGLE RIDERS LINE. This is the best invention since the FastPass, and I love it so much! So I first discovered the benefits of the Single Riders line in Universal Studios in California (or possibly Orlando), but basically it’s a separate line for solo riders or couples/groups that don’t mind riding separately. You are essentially used to fill the empty seats in odd-numbered parties but the queue is significantly shorter and goes by much faster. Anyways, at DisneySea, there are only two rides that offer a Single Riders line and that’s Indiana Jones and Raging Spirits. I really enjoyed the Indiana Jones ride way more than the Raging Spirits (nothing is as scary as the Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta TX).

Pro Tip: Use the Single Riders line for Indiana Jones and Raging Spirits. Even if you are not at the park solo, just split up because it will be so much faster than the Standby queue. It’s pretty much a free FastPass without the time restriction!


After those two rides, I went to the area called the American Waterfront and had an order of baked potatoes with bacon and cheese. They were just alright, nothing great, and I’m not a huge fan of rosemary, so I could pass on those again. The great thing about Tokyo DisneySea, aside from it being beautifully decorated throughout the entire park, is that it’s full of little side shows that are not even on a scheduled program, but they add the little sparkle of Disney magic to your trip. If you’ve seen video of the janitor playing Under the Sea on the bridge railing, then you know what I mean. He’s actually there!


So I basically spent the next couple of hours walking around the park, exploring the different areas. There’s Arabian Coast, which feels like you’re walking the streets of Agrabah from Aladdin! It’s actually based on the movie Sinbad, but there are references to Aladdin all over too. There’s also Mermaid Lagoon, which is where the Little Mermaid lives! I watched a show called King Triton’s Concert in the theater, which was completely in Japanese, but the tunes are the same. Mermaid Lagoon is beautiful, if anything just go to take pictures there. There’s also an area, Mysterious Island, based on one of my favorite Disney movies, Atlantis: The Lost Empire! The rest I’ll leave as a surprise but those were my three favorites of the park.

I love this picture because you can see every country I’ve been to in the last four months!

I had such an awesome time at Tokyo DisneySea (as you can probably tell from my rambling). It was a perfect way to end this 4-month trip with a bang! It’s full of little details and anyone that loves Disney just knows how magical a Disney park truly is!

Postscript, if you managed to read this far then props to you. If you like/comment on this post then I might actually do a full-on DisneySea guide that is organized and well-thought out. I just realized I have tons more photos to share. Let me know if this would be helpful!

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