Day 118 – Tokyo, Japan

Back in Tokyo. This morning was the usual routine of checking-out and then finding my way back to Kyoto Station to catch the Nozomi bullet train back to Tokyo. It took me a little bit longer since I wanted to take the subway rather than the bus again, but I wasn’t in a hurry. I watched The Big Bang Theory S3 on DVD that I bought in New Zealand to keep myself entertained onboard the train. Two hours flew by, and before I knew it, I was back on the platform at Tokyo Station.

This time around, navigating the local trains to Shinjuku-Sanchome station was a breeze. Since I am returning to the Imano Tokyo Hostel, I already knew the area fairly well, so I felt like a pro. Back at the hostel, I was able to check-in right away, had another much-needed shower, and went straight to the fourth floor to get my laundry done. I’ve got this backpacking life down to a science, but I will enjoy going back to a life where I have more than eight shirts.


Around dinner time, I met up with my cousin from back home, Steph, who happened to be visiting Japan during the same time as my trip (oddly enough, and we had no idea until last week!). Steph and her friend, Robin, are traveling together, so I suggested we go to Genki Sushi in Shibuya. AKA the place with the iPads and automatic sushi train. After Shibuya, we headed back to Shinjuku to check out Golden Gai.


Golden Gai is an area with a handful of small alleyways that are lined with tiny bars. Like I’m talking some with 4-8 seats total. We walked up and down every street before picking an upstairs bar to try some Japanese whiskey. I had a glass of sake, and it was a little strange not to drop it into a pint of beer NGL.


After a few drinks, we left Golden Gai to roam the streets of Shinjuku. We witnessed some pretty interesting (drunk) folks on the street (literally ON the street). I wanted to find an arcade so we could play the drum game from the other night. We ended up having a blast in the arcade, playing Mario Kart, those claw games, and an intense match of air hockey. Then, I headed back to the hostel to end the night and get ready for tomorrow’s adventure!

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