Day 113 – Tokyo, Japan

Down to my last 10 days! What a scary thought. I can remember when I had just started this adventure in Bangkok. I was barely on Day 5, and I had already done so much. Now, Thailand seems like ages ago. Okay, so fourth day in Tokyo and my fourth time at Ichiran! This time I decided to change it up a bit, so I ordered the matcha almond pudding with green tea sauce for dessert. It didn’t disappoint! It came out in a little mound of jiggly goodness.

With my belly full, I took the train over to the Tokyo Skytree. I walked around the shops for a little while, bought some souvenirs and finally found the Pokemon Store! I picked up some cool Pokemon tenugui, which is a thin Japanese hand towel that can be used as a handkerchief, scarf, headband, etc. I was really excited walking around the store and seeing all the different Pokemon on all kinds of worthless crap. I did a lot of walking today to balance my overindulgence in desserts, then came back to the hostel until nighttime.


At night, I left to find some dinner. I stumbled upon a gyoza restaurant with an unknown name because it was written in Japanese and did not exist on Google Maps, but it looked good so I waited in line outside for a table. I ordered the grilled gyoza (dumplings) and fried gyoza, which came with mayonnaise. It was a little odd, but it tasted good. It worked, so I was happy. After dinner, I stopped for some frozen yogurt on my way home and admired the many lights along the streets in Shinjuku.


Tomorrow I am planning on getting a bullet train to Kyoto. I am excited to finally ride one of the famous Japanese bullet trains. It’s a little sad to be leaving a place that I have become so comfortable in. The hostel has been great, and I actually feel like I know where I am going in this neighborhood. But nevertheless, I will be back soon!

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