Day 112 – Tokyo, Japan


I love Japan! Just in case I haven’t mentioned it before, I really do. The first thing on my list this morning was to head out to the Meiji Shrine just a couple of stops away on the train. Upon arriving, I was greeted with a tall torii gate that is both iconic and very photogenic. I spent some time exploring the garden, stopping at the various spots for a photo-op.

Cleansing one’s mind and body prior to entering the shrine

I especially loved watching to misogi ritual prior to entering the the sacred space, which was the purification of the mind and body at the temizuya water pavilion. There were lots of things to see around the garden, but my favorite part was when I took an odd turn away from all the other tourists and found myself on one of the walkways in Yoyogi Park. The walk back to Harajuku Station was pretty much entirely to myself, aside from a handful of others that quickly passed by. The walk was filled with tall trees, surrounding me on both sides, that shot straight upwards towards the sky. The different shades of green were mesmerizing.

Perfect place to bring a date!

At this point, I was getting hungry (surprise surprise!), so I decided to take the train back to Shibuya to try the Ichiran there. It may have just been my excuse to eat ramen again for the third time. I’m currently working on perfecting my ramen order. Also, I figured I could just consistently eat ramen everyday while I’m in Japan until I’m sick so maybe when I return home, I won’t crave it as badly. It’s worth a try, right? After lunch, I did some more browsing at Muji and then returned to the hostel for a little mid-afternoon rest.

I must have been tired, because I knocked out as soon as I finished my laundry. When I woke up, I went downstairs to the hostel cafe and had some fried gyoza. I spent the rest of the evening hanging out at the hostel, met my new roommate from Denmark, did a little research, and started looking at available nursing positions online. The sad reality is starting to sink in. My vacation will officially be over in less than two weeks, and I’ll be back home, which means I will need to look for another job. I’ve had so much fun over the past four months, I’m so sad to see the end!


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