Day 109 – Manila, Philippines

Ugh, I’m so frustrated. I literally just lost my entire post on my phone because it didn’t save. But it went something like…


Not much going on today. I tuned in at 0900 to watch S7 E2 of GOT. Then, I scrambled downstairs to make the deadline for free breakfast by 1100. I walked across the street to the Newport Mall aka Resorts World and had the spam and eggs brekkie at Cafe Maxims. It wasn’t the best but wasn’t the worst. Oh well, it was free so no complaints here! After breakfast, I went back to my room until about 12:30 when I had to check-out.


I left my backpack with the concierge desk and went back to Resorts World since I didn’t want to stray too far away. I had about 8 hours to kill before I had to return and catch the airport shuttle. I decided to watch a movie at Newport Cinema. There were only four options available, so I chose Dunkirk. It’s a WW2 movie based on real-life events. The best part was that Newport Cinema offers free unlimited popcorn and drinks with reclining seats for less than $10 USD. What a deal!

I only have about $20 USD or less left in cash, so I went downstairs to the casino after the movie. I needed to waste some time and not too much money so I only played 200 pesos and ended up winning an extra 100 pesos ($2). It’s no jackpot but at least my roulette fix was satisfied.

Yikes! Super long queues at NAIA Teminal 1.

I only had a few more hours left before the airport shuttle pick-up, so I went back to the Remington Hotel and sat in the lobby until 8pm. The shuttle was faster than expected, so I arrived at the airport an hour earlier than I planned and had to wait a bit before I could check-in to my flight. I still don’t know why I booked myself onto another red-eye flight, as I told myself Bali would be the last time. I will land in Tokyo around 6:30am and cannot check-in to the hostel until a whopping 4:00pm. I guess that leaves me with lots of time to do my homework and research things to do while I’m in Japan. It’s my last stop of the trip and the final two weeks before I go back home to the US! It was actually a bit strange to tell the guy at the counter that my next destination after Japan will be home. What a bittersweet feeling.

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