Day 107 – Manila, Philippines

City of Dreams. I’m back in Manila after spending two weeks exploring the Philippines. I’ve been to so many islands in this beautiful country this year alone, but I have only scratched the surface of what the Philippines has to offer. I can’t wait to come back and keep exploring.


We left our Airbnb in Dumaguete early this morning to catch our flight back to Manila. Our host, Cherry, graciously offered to drop us off at the airport. When we arrived at the airport, we did the normal travel errands, had lunch, and walked across the skybridge to Resorts World to check-in to our hotel.


Our cousin, JC, was already waiting for us in the hotel lobby. We had a few hours to chill in the room before we left to our best friend’s housewarming party. We participated in the house blessing as part of the family, and then celebrated with a huge spread of Filipino food.

Congratulations to some of the most amazing humans that I’ve ever known on your beautiful new home! Anyone that knows this family knows that they are the sweetest, kindest, most welcoming people on the planet. And they always know how to throw a party!

We mingled for a bit and caught up with Elise and Kyle, since I haven’t seen them in over three months. It’s always such a nice feeling to see friends from back home abroad. I’m missing all my friends and family, but I will be home very soon.

Over the moon excited to be reunited with my Besties in the Philippines!

If I’ve learned anything in the Philippines, it’s that Filipinos will go any lengths for their family. I am blown away by the generosity and willingness of Filipinos to help others, whether they be strangers, foreigners, or their own family. It’s one thing that I would definitely say makes me truly proud to be Filipino.


After the party, we took a Grab to the Mall of Asia and had our last cousins dinner at 6-7-8 Korean BBQ. Definitely hit the spot since I’ve been craving my beloved Gyu Kaku. We ordered some thinly sliced pork belly and marinated boneless short ribs. Our food came with a variety of side dishes. The kimchi was mouth-watering delicious. After our meal, I had a strawberry popsicle/ice cream dessert as we walked around the MOA.

Marinated boneless beef short ribs from 6-7-8 Korean BBQ

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