Day 106 – Dumaguete, Philippines

Today was a fail travel day. We left the hotel in Siquijor at 0930 and got a van back to the port. Our plan was to book the 11o’clock OceanJet liner back to Dumaguete and connect with our Airbnb host to take a day trip to Manjuyhod Sandbar. However, once again the OceanJet was not operational today due to ongoing maintenance, so we had to scramble at the last minute. Luckily, our drive, Vricks, had brought us to the port an hour early so we were able to catch (literally) the 10:00 ferry back. The lady at the ticketing booth had to radio the boat to ask them to wait for us as we sped through security and ran onto the ferry. Everybody was staring at us with our huge backpacks strapped to our backs as we ran.

We made it to Dumaguete around noon. Our Airbnb host, Cherry, picked us up from the port and drove us to the apartment where we would be staying. It’s a two-story apartment with six beds to share between the two of us. We had a few minutes to change and drop off our bags and went outside to hop on the local bus to Manjuyhod. The bus did not have air-con, but it was breezy enough to have the windows down and not be too bad. However, five minutes into the drive, it started to rain, so all the windows had to go back up. We were stuck in a hot, humid, metal box for an hour. Eventually, we got out of the rain and put the windows back down so we could get some fresh air.

We got dropped off at Jollibee in Bais City so we could connect with our boat driver, Kim. We had a quick lunch inside and then Kim took us to his boat via motorbike. Both of us. The sky was overcast in Manjuyhod, so it wasn’t the best day to go out to the sandbar. It was actually rather disappointing because the water wasn’t the amazing emerald color that we had seen in all the pictures. We walked around the sandbar for a bit before returning back to shore. After another meal at Jollibee, we took the local bus back to Dumaguete. This time, it was rush hour, so the first three buses that stopped were packed. Finally, we had to push our way onto the next bus, which only had standing room for the first 10-15 minutes. All in all, it wasn’t the best day for pictures, but it definitely was a memorable one.

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