Day 104 – Siquijor, Philippines


I jumped off a cliff! We finally made it to Siquijor Island. Two flights and a ferry later. We left The Flying Fish hostel at 9am and got a tricycle to the pier. Our initial plan was to book the OceanJet fast boat across the water to the island, however, when we arrived at the ticketing office, we were informed that there were no boats servicing to Siquijor today due to “routine maintenance.” Time to put our backpacker skills to the test! We decided to take a ferry instead, so we got dropped off a bit further and bought our tickets at the first booth.


We found ourselves onto the ferry after getting turned around a time or two. The boat itself was old but fine considering the tickets only cost us less than $2 USD pp. The ferry was running late, so we didn’t actually depart until 10:30 or 11:00. It was scheduled to leave at 10am, but hey that’s Asia for you. You learn to roll with the punches and go with the flow.


We arrived in Siquijor, hired a van to take us to the Salamangka Beach and Dive Resort, and checked-in to our hotel. We had lunch at the resort. I had a pasta carbonara and Kathleen had a flatbread. The serving sizes were massive and neither one of us could finish our dishes, so we asked the kitchen if they could keep our leftovers in the fridge for us. They were very quick to agree without any issues or questions. Later, when we returned to the restaurant for dinner, they reheated our leftovers and served them on fresh plates for us for free. There are not many people staying in the resort at this time, because it is currently low-season so I don’t know if this kind of service would be allowed every time. However, it was so amazing and very accommodating.


After lunch, we went back to our room to change and then took a tricycle across the island to Salagdoong Beach. The beach is known for its two diving platforms, the tallest one at 10 meters (32.8 ft). Since the tide was too low, the lower platform (20 ft) and the slide were closed off. We both waited anxiously to see if anyone was going to be brave enough to jump off the high jump. Finally, we climbed up to the top to see for ourselves.

Scared for my life, but I saw a sea turtle from up here!

It was definitely high up. We were looking over the edge as we took our pictures. Our tricycle driver, Benjie, came to the top with us. We kept trying to convince him to jump but he politely declined. He said he would only jump if we jumped but we were too chicken. Some of the other locals came up behind us and jumped off the platform. Even they looked like they were nervous but they kept coming back for more. We met a couple of travelers, and after a few minutes of mustering his courage, our new friend hopped off the platform into the ocean. We also met another group of local guys that were brave enough to jump. After watching more and more people jump off the platform, Kathleen finally convinced herself to go. After she jumped, our driver, Benjie, kept his word and jumped in right after her.


I knew I needed to face my fears and do something brave, so I decided to jump too. I was surprised myself that I even wanted to. My heart was pounding in the beginning, but I just kept my eyes locked straight and took a few steps before hopping off the platform into the ocean. The fall was longer than I had anticipated, so I shut my eyes and got ready for the plunge. That’s it! Splash! I hit the water, came back up. My legs were in pain all the way up to my thighs, but I did it! I was so relieved and terrified at the same time. After watching all my friends crush their adrenaline activities in Queenstown, I’m so glad I conquered my fear! This will definitely help make this trip to the Philippines a bit more unforgettable. #parasablog

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