Day 103 – Dumaguete, Philippines

We left the comfort of The Funny Lion and finally arrived in Dumaguete. We started our travel day at 0900 this morning with a short flight from Coron to Manila. We had a quick 2-hour layover, hopped over to Terminal 3 via airport shuttle, and caught our second flight to Dumaguete. The flight was a little over an hour, so we arrived in Dumaguete around 4 in the afternoon.

Our hostel, The Flying Fish, was only a short 8-minute tricycle ride from the airport. It’s a small hostel with a very nice industrial vibe. We hailed another tricycle to take us into town for dinner, where we each had a burger and fries. Dumaguete is a small town on the coast, but it’s nice to be back in civilization!

It was already nightfall when we finished eating, so we got a ride back to our hostel and got ready for bed. We are both pretty tired from traveling all day, especially with the humidity. Tomorrow we plan on getting a boat or ferry across to Siquijor Island. The island is rumored to have monsters that live on the island, so hopefully we don’t get eaten.

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