Day 101 – Coron, Philippines


Today we went on our second island tour, Tour B, in Coron! It was a bit more expensive than Tour A but totally worthwhile! We had corned beef for breakfast at the buffet. I love being surprised every morning to see what the restaurant is serving for breakfast! After breakfast, we got picked up in a tricycle and dropped off at the pier again before we were loaded into our boat.


Another thing that I love about The Funny Lion is that they always provide beach towels and free water every time you leave on a day trip. All the staff at the hotel has been super sweet and accommodating during our entire stay. We arrived at the pier via tricycle and boarded the boat that would take us on our tour. Prior to leaving the pier, we signed a few waivers and had our quick safety briefing. Our guide, Henerson, really encouraged all the tourists to wear foot protection to avoid potential hazards in the water.


The first stop on our tour was at the famous Twin Lagoon. Since it was high tide, we were able to swim under the “secret entrance” and into the beautiful lagoon. The water in the lagoon is a mind-blowing green-blue tint, very similar to the water around El Nido and in the Andaman Coast of Thailand. It is so crystal clear that you can see straight down to the bottom. After swimming in the lagoon, we went to a dive site called Skeleton Wreck. This is the first time I’ve seen an underwater shipwreck. The tip of the ship was only about 6 meters deep so you could clearly see it from the surface of the water.


Lunch time! Our lunch was served at Banul Beach, also known as Smith Beach. This beach was even more beautiful than Sunset Beach from Tour A. The water was amazing and there were tall limestone rocks on both sides of us. We enjoyed our Filipino lunch with our new friends/family and then left to go to our next stop, the Reef Garden. This stop was basically a snorkeling site with lots of coral in the water. The highlight of this stop (and maybe the entire day) was when I saw a sea turtle! It was swimming in the deeper water but I caught a glimpse of it as it swam away.


The last stop of the day was at Luluyuan Lake, also known as Barracuda Lake. This lake is smaller than Kayangan Lake, and only 40 steps to climb compared to the 360 steps at Kayangan. The water in Luluyuan Lake is brackish water, which means it is a mixture of both saltwater and freshwater. We had an entire hour to swim at the lake before our boat left back to Coron Town. If you have time in Coron, I would definitely recommend doing both Tour A and B over two separate days. We were lucky enough to have a few hours of sunshine today, the most we’ve had during this whole trip. Since we split up our island tours over two separate days, we were able to avoid the heavy rain yesterday and enjoy the sun today. We also did not feel rushed when we were at the stops, so we actually had enough time to take pictures, go snorkeling, and enjoy the views.

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