Day 99 – Coron, Philippines


First day in Coron! We woke up at 7am so we could make it to the breakfast buffet before we had to meet our pick-up for our island tour this morning. A tricycle was waiting for us right as we walked up to the lobby. We had a short ride down to the pier. We had to wait on the boat for some time before we finally took off and started sailing away. I was sad to see there were lots of pieces of trash in the sea outside of Coron Town. Coron is so beautiful, and it’s disappointing to think that it could soon be ruined by pollution. There are so many boats that go out of Coron, and if they could all just bring back a bag of trash each trip, they could clean up the water in no time.

The first stop on our tour was the Green Lagoon. We had some time to snorkel in the water and took lots of photos against the sharp rock formations and green trees. Our second stop was at CYC Beach and the Quin Reef. The beach was very small but a nice place to relax. There were only about 4-5 boats at the time so we had the entire beach to ourselves at one point. It was not very sunny today, since we are visiting during the monsoon season, but we are enjoying the less-crowded sites and cheaper hotel prices.

After our stop at CYC Beach, we had lunch at Sunset Beach. The crew on the boat prepared some grilled fish, chicken adobo, vegetables, seaweed salad, and fresh fruit for us. We had a huge spread to share amongst the thirteen of us. After lunch, we went to our final stop and the highlight of Coron according to our tour guide, Kayangan Lake. Once we got off the boat, we climbed about 160-something stairs up to the viewpoint to see the most photographed spot in Coron. It was so beautiful, even looking back at my photos I cannot believe it was real.

After the observation deck, we went back down another 160-something steps to the lake. Kayangan Lake has a mixture of saltwater and freshwater. It’s the first lake I’ve ever been to that had saltwater, but that didn’t stop us for having a swim. We arrived early so we had the lake almost entirely to ourselves except another family that left pretty soon after we got there. We went swimming in the lake and one of our guides led us inside a small cave. We stayed at Kayangan Lake for a good amount of time and then headed back to the boat to return back to Coron Town.


When we got dropped off back at The Funny Lion, we shared a poolside snack with some complimentary refreshments from the hotel. We went for a swim in the pool and then went back to our room to shower and rest. We’ll probably go back to the rooftop bar again tonight for some drinks and explore the town for some dinner in a bit. So far, so good!

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