Day 98 – Coron, Philippines

Another travel day, but today wasn’t so bad. We got up early and left the Airbnb around 8am this morning and took a GrabCar to the airport. GrabCar is another app similar to Uber except you pay the driver in cash instead of credit card and the fare is a flat price and doesn’t increase with time or in traffic. When we arrived at Terminal 4, we checked-in our bags and went through security easy breezy. We had plenty of time leftover so we just sat, had a few Cinnabons, and waited for our flight to board.


The plane was a little 2×2 seater propeller plane for our short flight to Coron. It seemed like we were waiting on the runway forever until we finally started to takeoff. I took a little nap on the plane and before I knew it, we had already landed in Busuanga. Our hotel had a representative waiting outside with my name ready to take us to The Funny Lion.


Check-in at the hotel was super smooth as we sipped our calamansi welcome drinks. We were escorted to our room and even had our bags delivered for us so we didn’t have to carry our heavy backpacks up the stairs. We are definitely living a luxurious life. The best thing about our hotel is the infinity pool! It looks out into a jungle of trees and from afar you can spot the ocean in the distance.

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