Day 97 – Manila, Philippines


After staying out with our cousins last night, we slept in until 9am and then left our Airbnb to Mall of Asia. We had lunch at Jollibee (finally!) and I got a haircut before we walked around the mall for a bit.

We went to the Upside Down Museum, where you basically just go around various illusions and there’s a staff member that gives you different poses and takes pictures for you. It was some good fun for about an hour and then we left.

After the museum, we took a car over to Electric Studio for a spin class. Kathleen is the Queen of Spin after all. We had a 45-minute sweat session with T. Money and then left to make a quick stop at yet another shopping mall before meeting our cousin, Kim, for dinner.

Kim took us to Izakaya Kikufuji, a neat little, authentic Japanese restaurant with cheap but DELICIOUS food. I’ve had a lot of Japanese food since I left home in April, but this place is the real deal.

We started with spicy tuna and shrimp tempura. Then we had a massive special California roll topped with fresh mango and salmon roe. And my first time trying wagyu beef skewers! It was like butter melting in my mouth with a perfect chargrilled flavor! I am forever changed. Just when I thought I was full, Kim ordered two more dishes for us to try. A special grilled fish and bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms. Once again, I was stuffed to the brim and wobbled back to the car.

Manila has actually been a real pleasant surprise. I had previously always thought of Manila as a polluted, overcrowded metropolis but Taguig and the BGC area were very modern. The first leg of or Philippines adventure has gone without a hitch, especially thanks to all the help from our friends and family in Manila! Next stop, Coron!

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