Day 96 – Manila, Philippines


Back in Manila. After our last morning session at the breakfast buffet, we pretty much bummed around until our ride to the airport picked us up from the hotel. The resort was kind enough to let us stay in their library (with air-con) after we checked-out of our room as we waited for our car. It started to rain a bit more on our last day. It was like Boracay didn’t want us to leave, and we definitely were sad to go.

A van-boat-van-bus-plane-car ride later, we finally made it to the Sofitel Manila to our 7pm dinner reservations at the Spirals Buffet. I have been to my fair share of buffets, even in Las Vegas, but believe me when I tell you this place was THE best. We were escorted to a private room and we immediately let loose on the buffet since we had all skipped lunch in preparation for this night. They even have a cheese cooler inside a chilled room where you can go inside and pick different cheeses from around the world. After dinner, the waiters brought out two slices of chocolate creme cake with a candle and “Happy Birthday” for Katherine and me. I was literally stuffed to the brim when we left.

Tequila shots with the cousins @ The Tipsy Pig

From dinner, I got a GrabCar to the BGC area to meet Kathleen at our Airbnb. We are staying in a very nice studio in a large high-rise condominium. When I got to the room, Kathleen and JC were already waiting for me. We waited a bit for our other cousin, Jason, to get off work and met him and his girlfriend for dinner and drinks. After dinner, we made a quick stop at 7-Eleven to top up our SIM cards, and they activated mine for me. Unlimited data ftw! We finally got back around 1:30am and were exhausted.

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