Day 95 – Boracay, Philippines

Last day in paradise. We all slept in just a little bit longer after yesterday’s adventures. We still managed to make it to the last hour of the breakfast buffet, had our coffee, and were just about ready to start our day when it started pouring rain. Discovery Shores has free umbrellas that you can borrow, so we went back to our room until the rain let up.

Katherine and I took a tricycle down to Station 2 to find a place to get my laundry done. I love the laundry service in Asia because it’s cheap (less than $5) to get your clothes washed, dried, and folded. When you pick up your clothes, they are packed in a neat stack wrapped in plastic, so opening a new pack of fresh laundry always feels like Christmas while you’re backpacking!


We stopped by Jonah’s Fruit Shakes to pick up some shakes to bring back to the resort. The mango banana shake was sweet and delicious, perfect for any day in the Philippines. We had another hour to rest up in the room before we had to meet our guide for our ATV (all-terrain vehicle) tour. At 4pm, we got picked up outside of the resort and drove to the ATV center down the road. We had a quick safety briefing and were quickly showed how to operate the ATVs. Rennee and I hopped on the front two 4-wheelers and Maria and Katherine took a buggy behind us.


We drove for about fifteen minutes, through the mud and puddles from the rain, onto the road and up the hill. We arrived at the Mt. Lugo lookout for some beautiful views of the island. After snapping a few photos, we drove back down to where we started and rehydrated.


The ATV was so much fun! First, it was fun to actually operate a vehicle again. Second, I felt like I could drive over anything like a tank. It wasn’t super fast, and I felt very safe the entire time. I definitely recommend the ATV tour in Boracay! It’s a great way to get up the hill to see some amazing views of the island. And much more fun than taking a cramped tricycle!


After our adventure, we went straight to the beach to relax for a few hours. We ordered some poke bowls and nachos to share for lunch/dinner. We wanted to keep our stomachs light, because we booked ourselves a reservation at the resort’s spa in the evening. Ten-til-8, we headed back down and checked-in to the spa. We were greeted with welcome drinks and a cool towel. We split up into two rooms for our treatments.


After a quick change, I was led into a private room. My feet were washed in lemongrass water, followed by the most relaxing 90-minute massage of my life. The last massages I had in Thailand were pretty painful around my neck and shoulders, but this one was 100% relaxing with absolutely no pain or discomfort. After the massage, she started on my 60-minutes facial. It even included a thorough cleaning with professional dermatological tools. I honestly don’t know what happened after that, because I kept falling asleep in between the facial.


When I woke up, the treatment was finished and we all met again in the lobby. We had some hot ginger tea waiting for our return. The tea was perfect and soothing for my throat, as I had been coughing throughout the evening. It was already 11pm, so we went straight to bed as soon as we returned to our room and I immediately KTFO.

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