Day 94 – Boracay, Philippines


Birthday in Boracay. What a day! Where do I even begin? I woke up around 6am to FaceTime with my brother. Today is the day that my two baby nieces, Amelia and Leila, met for the first time back home. And today was also the first time that the rest of my family met the newest generation of our family.


For breakfast, we went to the buffet at our resort. I had crispy bacon, french toast, hash browns, garlic rice and ube pancakes! It was delicious! Perfect way to start the day.


After breakfast, we had an 0830 call-time for our island hopping tour. We hired a private boat to take us around for three hours. Our first stop was at Crystal Cove. We went inside the sea cave and walked around for a bit. The next stop was for snorkeling. We bought some pandesal to feed the fish and watched as they swam all around us in the crystal blue water. After snorkeling, we had our last stop at Puka Beach. The sand at this beach is made of crushed puka shells. We enjoyed some mango shakes and grilled prawns at the beach and relaxed in the water, soaking up the sun.


We took a tricycle back to Discovery Shores Resort and decided to go straight to the beach. The resort is located at the end of Station 1, so it is a bit secluded from the rest of the busy area. We were absolutely spoiled at the beach, sipping mojitos and pandan water, snacking on garlic peanuts, and lounging on the daybeds. We even hired a stand-up paddle board for a bit and took turns paddling along the beach line.


As if our day wasn’t already adventure-packed, we planned to book our parasailing trip at 4pm. We got picked up at the resort and dropped off further down the beach to catch a speedboat to the floating barge in the middle of the ocean. From the barge, we took a bigger speed boat into the ocean and got strapped into our gear for parasailing.

Katherine, Rennee, and I were set on a three-person flight since it was all of our first times. We were a bit nervous at first, but once we got to the top, the view was beautiful. We were at the top for fifteen minutes before they brought us back down. During the descent, they dipped us into the water a few times, first our feet and then completely submerging us into the salt water. This was my least favorite part, as I snorted a nose-full of salty water and was completely submerged for a few seconds.


After parasailing, we walked along the beach back to the resort. We made it back right in time for our dinner reservations. We had a table set on the beach ready for our sunset dinner. Once again, Discovery Shores Resort did not disappoint. The food at the restaurant was delicious. I can only describe it as upscale Filipino cuisine. For dessert we shared a turon split and Maria arranged for a special birthday dessert, and the staff came out singing for Katherine and I.


I have felt beyond blessed throughout the day to be able to spend my birthday on such a beautiful island. When it came time to make a wish and blow out my candle, I couldn’t think of a single thing to wish for. I am literally living my dream, traveling the world and experiencing new things every single day. The greatest gift I could give myself is this trip, to be selfish and put myself first in order to live my dream. Easily one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had.

Cheers to 25!

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