Day 92 – Manila, Philippines

Flight #18 for the year and this view never gets old!

Back in the Philippines! I got up early this morning and had breakfast with Jocelyn and her husband before heading to the airport for my flight. They were kind enough to accompany me to the airport and saw me through the immigration check. I was pleasantly surprised that check-in and immigration was a breeze, thanks to the SmartGate! I had some time to buy some snacks before heading to my gate. Changi International Airport is meant to be one of the best-ranked airports in the world, but I didn’t have tons of time to explore the gardens and movie theater.


The flight was only about 3.5 hours, and I slept most of the time. When I finally arrived in Manila, I was overjoyed because I felt like I was home. This is the third time I’ve flown into Ninoy Aquino International Airport this year, so it was nice to be in a familiar place again. Thankfully, I booked a hotel directly across the street from the airport so getting there was a breeze. Upon check-in, I asked if I could change to a single-bed room instead of the two twins that I had originally booked and mentioned that it was my birthday weekend. It was no problem to change rooms, and I was even caught completely off guard when one of the staff members came to my room with a chocolate cake dessert for my birthday! Belmont Hotel is already exceeding my expectations!

Thanks, Belmont Hotel, for the birthday treat!

I had a quick walk around Resorts World, tried to find a store to buy a SIM card, and was a bit frustrated because my debit card kept getting declined at the ATM. I spent the rest of the evening at the hotel and caught up with Katherine from back home for a bit. Tomorrow morning we are flying to Boracay to celebrate our birthdays and having a little EC reunion.

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