Day 91 – Singapore

This morning I woke up early to check-out if my hotel and called an Uber to meet my cousin, Jocelyn. She lives in Singapore with her family and graciously agreed to take me in and show me around the city. After I arrived to their place, we took the local LRT line and they showed me around the neighborhood. We connected to the main MRT and had breakfast/lunch inside one of the many shopping centers. This was the first time that I’ve tried laksa and it was delicious. It was a bowl of rice noodles with a curry-based soup and topped with prawns, clams, scallops and tofu.


After we ate we headed to Sentosa Island and explored the very touristy Resorts World. Sentosa Island is filled with activities and things to do, including Universal Studios. You could probably spend a whole day there and not experience everything on the island. We took the air tram up and across to get a nice birds eye view of the resort, stopped at the beach and walked through the resort, taking plenty of pictures along the way.


By 2pm, I was already exhausted. I headed back to their place while my cousin had to go to class. As soon as I got home, I literally passed out for 2 hours. After my much needed nap, we left again, this time with their kids, and headed to Orchard Road. This was one of the places that I definitely would not have experienced if I didn’t have a local guide with me. Orchard was filled with lots of high end shops, including Lucky Plaza which is top to bottom Filipino goods and merchants. After a quick tour of the area, we took the MRT to the Esplanade and watched the light show from across the marina.

Today’s weather has been an absolute blessing as it’s actually cool and breezy. It’s still hot but at least it’s much more bearable than it was yesterday. I’m still trying to adjust from the NZ winter back to the Asia heat. I hope my body can acclimate so I don’t overheat in the Philippines.

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