Day 90 – Singapore

The amazing falls at the Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay

This morning I woke up at 0700. Thanks, jet lag. So I started my day pretty early, caught a train into the city to explore Marina Bay for a bit. In the middle of the morning rush, I stood on the platform as four different trains came along carrying massive loads of people. Each time only one or two people were able to squeeze into the car as the doors shut. I was beginning to get frustrated feeling like I was never going to get a ride when I decided to do the smart thing and take the opposite train going further away from my destination two stops, then switching onto a different line back to Marina Bay. It wasn’t the most direct route, but it saved me from squishing into a packed train for seven stops. The thing that I love about public transportation, particularly metrorail-style trains, is that they work like a puzzle. It’s actually fun trying to figure out how you’re going to get from point A to point B and where you have to get off and switch lines. It’s a part of travel that I’ve come to really enjoy.

I loved the Supertree Grove!

Even though it was morning, it was still really hot and extremely humid outside. I found refuge inside the gigantic shopping mall at Marina Bay. The place was like a huge version of the Galleria with multiple levels and a freaking river running down the middle. I walked the length of the mall to soak up the air-con, had a small plate of dim sum for breakfast, then braved the heat once again to continue my day. I walked across the double-helix bridge and then realized I was on the wrong side of the river from where I wanted to be, so I walked back across the bridge and under the highway and finally made it to the Gardens by the Bay. The GBTB were one of the main reasons why I wanted to come to Singapore in the first place. They have these massive tree-like structures called Supertrees that are a combination of architecture and nature.


Around midday, I returned to my hotel room to pick up my camera, which I had forgotten, watched a few episodes of Sense 8 and had a shower to cool down. Around 4pm, I left again and headed back to the Gardens by the Bay. I bought a ticket to the Cloud Forest, which is a dome featuring a vertical forest growing into an artificial mountain. I was awed by the tall waterfall and loved seeing all the plants growing up to the ceiling. At the top of the Cloud Forest, there is a sky walk and a bunch of different exhibits on each level as you make your way back down. One of the exhibits was a short film titled +5 degrees, which explained the effects of global warming on the environment over the next 80 years. It was very interesting to watch and at the end made me think realize how Singapore is so ahead of its time. Everywhere you go, you see modern architecture mixed with natural beauty. They put an emphasis on their environment and renewable energy, and I really admire it.


After the Cloud Forest, I made my way back to the Supertree Grove and waited for the nighttime light show to begin. The theme for the show was Broadway musicals, and I picked a little spot where I laid underneath the trees and just watched the lights above me. On the walk back to the MRT, I stumbled into another show outside of Marina Bay. It reminded me of the Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas but better. Then, I headed back to the hotel to pack up my things to get ready for tomorrow.

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