Day 84 – Queenstown, New Zealand


Last night I went to Below Zero Ice Bar with the Stray friends from the hike Queenstown Hill. If you’ve never seen or been to an Ice Bar before, it’s basically a bar that is built completely with sculpted ice. Upon entrance, you are given a parka and gloves before you walk into the large icebox. The bar had lots of ice sculptures, including a castle, an obligatory swan and a kiwi bird. They even had an ice hockey table out and the drinks come in ice mugs.

This view never gets old. Love you, Queenstown.

It’s officially my last full day in Queenstown. I’m the last of my original Kiwi Experience bus from Auckland. I spent the day taking one last look at the beautiful town, did some last minute shopping and spent the rest of the time watching a LOTR marathon (as one does in New Zealand). Even though I still have four more nights left in New Zealand, I feel like my time in this country is quickly coming to an end.


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