Day 80 – Queenstown, New Zealand

This morning was the day that we have all been dreading. Today was the day that we had to say goodbye to our beloved kiwi bus. While we have lost a few good friends along the way, we all agreed that we were so lucky to have found each other and share our experiences with such a great group of friends.


Originally, I had planned some extra days in my New Zealand trip to hop off the bus and explore places like Rotorua and Wellington more in depth, but after I made such good friends on the bus, I didn’t want to leave them right away. Most of us met in Auckland only two weeks ago, but it feels like we have known each other for much longer. Even the girls that we picked up on our way to Lake Mahinapua, it feels like they have been traveling with us since the beginning.


We all shared the same fears before we started our journey on the Kiwi Experience. The company has a reputation as being catered to 18-year-olds and people that want to constantly party. Our bus ranged from ages 18-35+ but I think we all had the same priorities when it came to traveling New Zealand so it worked out perfectly.

After we said goodbye to Melanie, Sarah, and our bus driver, Jared, we walked Alice to her bus stop on her way to the airport. I checked-out of Nomads and left my bags at my next hostel, the beloved Haka Lodge. Luckily, I still have a few days left in Queenstown with a handful of passengers from our original bus before I have to say goodbye again.

Domino, black bean and cheese arepa from Caribe

The rest of my day was spent dawdling a bit. I booked my snowboarding trip for tomorrow and got fitted for my gear and equipment. I walked around and explored the last day of Winterfest by the lakefront and had an arepa and churros for lunch/dinner. Tomorrow should be a fun day on the slopes, but I am anticipating a lot of falling on my ass.

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