Day 79 – Queenstown, New Zealand


View from the Observation Deck at Skyline Queenstown

It was our last full day in Queenstown as a group. In the morning, the girls went to the canyon with Sarah to watch her conquer the zipline while I stayed back at the hostel to do some laundry. Melanie had her zipline and canyon swing yesterday and Elise and Nathan went on their jet boat ride in the morning, followed by Nathan’s Nevis canyon swing and not one, but two bungies. When they say there is no shortage of adrenaline activities in Queenstown, they ain’t kidding!


The Remarkables, both us and the mountains.

Around 4:30, the group of us loaded up on the gondolas and headed up the mountain to The Ledge Bungy, where Helen was scheduled for her nighttime bungy jump. The rest of us stayed out on the observation deck while the sun went down and then marveled at the lights of the city beneath us. At 6:30, we all watched as Helen plucked up enough courage and literally jumped off a cliff into the darkness and cheered her on from the sidelines.

Cheers to travel friends! Not a bad way to end our run.

I am seriously so proud of all my friends today. After the last jump, we went back to the hostel and then went out for burgers at Devil Burger before heading to the pub to catch the end of the rugby game.

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