Day 77 – Queenstown, New Zealand

Happy Queenstown Day! We left Wanaka in the morning and started our journey to the much-anticipated Queenstown.

Our first stop was at a place called Puzzling World, which is like the Wonder World in San Marcos. They have an illusion room and a giant 3-D maze outside, but I decided to have breakfast at the café and tackle some of the brain puzzles set out of the table.

After Puzzling World, we made another stop in a little town at a place called Mrs. Jones’ Fruit Shop where I bought a “real fruit ice cream,” which was vanilla soft serve with strawberries blended into a cup. It wasn’t super exciting, but it was good and paired well with the cold winter weather. We are now sitting in the low 30s (-2 to 0°C).

When we arrived in Queenstown, we made our final stop at AJ Hackett Bungy, named after the first man to invent the bungy jump. The office is located on the edge of a cliff and you can watch as people brave up the courage to jump off the bridge that’s right in front of you. Two of our passengers were jumping today, so we watched from the observation desk while the others paid for their various bungies and other extreme sport activities.

Queenstown is known as the Adventure Capital of the World, bungy jumps, canyon swings, sky dives, jet-boating, there is no shortage of adrenaline in this town. The town also sits on a beautiful lake and is surrounded by The Remarkables mountain range. I’m so glad I will be spending a week here, because there is so much to see and do and eat.

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