Day 74 – Franz Josef, New Zealand

We were able to sleep in this morning because our bus wasn’t scheduled to leave Lake Mahinapua until 1130. I had a rough night because of all the alcohol-infused guests that were surrounding me. All in all, we had a good night of fun but a bad night of sleep. Oh well, I got over it.

We didn’t have too much driving today to cover to get to Franz Josef, so we only had one midday stop at a cafe. When we arrived at our next destination, half the bus stopped to attend a short briefing for tomorrow’s activity and then we piled back onto the bus to check-in to our new hostel.

After dropping our stuff in our room, Melanie and I had a very short walk around town (all of two streets) before returning the the hostel kitchen to make lunch. It seemed like everybody in the kitchen was cooking some sort of noodle or instant soup today. During our walk, we were pleasantly surprised to see the most vibrant rainbow in the sky that I’ve ever seen. It was so amazing to see the alpine mountains in the background with their tips covered in snow! Tonight will probably be a quiet night in the hostel for me because tomorrow morning I’ve got something really special planned. Stay tuned to find out!

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