Day 73 – Lake Mahinapua, New Zealand

It has been getting harder and harder to find some reliable wifi in New Zealand. Some of the places we have been staying at don’t even have cell phone reception. In a way, it’s great because it forces all the backpackers to get together and typically drink, but it’s also extremely inconvenient if you’re trying to maintain a daily blog.

After Abel Tasman, our first stop of the day was a short walk along the West Coast of the South Island to an area where there was a fur seal colony. We spent a few minutes watching the baby seals flop around on the rocks and then walked back to the bus, and I got a hot chocolate.

The other stop we made was in a little town where there was another walk to the Pancake Rocks. The Pancake Rocks are basically a series of rock formations that have been eroded by the ocean to reveal the flat layers of sediment that have been pressed together to look like a stack of pancakes.

Me, Lin, and Melanie in our ABC-gear at Lake Mahinapua Hotel

We also made a stop in the town of Greymouth to the Warehouse store since the small town of Mahinapua is pretty much in the middle of nowhere between the beach and the lake. We needed to buy supplies for the evening because we planned to have an ABC-themed party at the hotel pub that night. We had a fun night at the Lake Mahinapua Hotel pub or “Poo Pub” for short.


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