Day 70 – Wellington, New Zealand

We didn’t arrive in Wellington until after 6pm, but we had a full day of traveling under our belts. We started this morning just before 10am, still sleepy from last night’s fire alarm debacle. We had breakfast at the lodge and then took a short walk along the river to a nearby waterfall.

As we waited for the small groups of rafters and horse trekkers to return, the rest of the passengers stayed in the main area for a bit. After lunch, we loaded up the bus and drove about two hours into town.

On the drive to Wellington, our driver put on 22 Jump Street for us to watch on the bus. When we arrived into the capital city of New Zealand, it was already nighttime, and the shops were beginning to close. After we checked-in to our hostel for the evening, we took a not-so-short stroll around the city and made it back in time for the free dinner at the hostel pub. We have an early morning departure to catch the ferry to the South Island tomorrow, so I’m just taking the night to do laundry and organize my stuff in preparation.

The constant action-packed pace of the North Island has come to an end, and I think I will enjoy the beautiful sceneries and long drives in the next bit.

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