Day 64 – Hot Water Beach, New Zealand


I left my hostel by 8 this morning and walked down the hill and across the street to meet the Kiwi Experience bus. We started out as three passengers and then slowly began to grow into a large group of forty-two. Our first stop of the trip was to a little place called Hot Water Beach. The beach is located directly above an area with known geothermal activity. When the tide is low, the best thing to do in Hot Water Beach is to dig a hole until the hot water seeps up and creates a personal spa. The water here can get up to 64°C which is super hot. There were areas where I had to literally hop through because the water felt like it was burning my feet.

Dug ourselves a spa on the beach!

Even though it’s winter in New Zealand, we were blessed with several hours of sunshine for our first stop of the trip. After we left Hot Water Beach, our driver took us down to Cathedral Cove where we walked and enjoyed the sunset. We walked  to the spot where Narnia was filmed and by the time we arrived back at our hostel, the sun was gone and it was freezing.

We had a delicious and hot fish and chips dinner and a small group of us decided to walk back down to the beach to catch a sight under the full moon. The great part about the Kiwi Experience is that so many people are traveling solo and we are all beginning our bus passes from Auckland so it has been so easy to meet people. Even though I’ve only spent a single day with these people, I already feel like we’ve been friends for much longer.


Tomorrow we are heading to Waitomo, where I’ve planned to see the famous glowworm caves.

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