Day 63 – Auckland, New Zealand

Hello New Zealand! I have been waiting a long time to see you! New Zealand is known for it’s jaw-dropping landscapes and perfect for a nature-lover like me. I arrived in Auckland late last night, waited thirty minutes in the cold for the Skybus to pick me up from the airport and got dropped off around the corner from my hostel. I literally checked-in, dropped my bags and curled up in my bunk and fell asleep.

Welcome to Middle Earth!

I honestly didn’t care to explore the city too much because Auckland is pretty much the exact same as any Australian city except throw in some steep hills, which is really good for sculpting my glutes, but that’s about it. I’m sure there is still lots to see and do here BUT I am even more excited to hop onto the Kiwi Experience bus and jumpstart my adventure to explore the North and South Island!

Wearing this shirt usually means one of two things: Either I’m in Thailand and ready to do the Pub Crawl OR it’s laundry day.

Today was pretty much a rest day from yesterday’s travel day. I exchanged the last of my Australian dollars into New Zealand dollars, bought a SIM card to use in the country, and washed my clothes so I can begin fresh. Tomorrow I will be getting up early to check-out and get picked up by the Kiwi Experience onto our first stop, Hot Water Beach!

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