Day 62 – Melbourne, Australia

Last day in Australia. So the end of four weeks has arrived and I said So long, Australia and Hello to New Zealand! I remember being so happy when I first landed in Cairns. Happy to be back in a Western country. Happy to see blue skies and beautiful mountains out the window. Happy to hear English being spoken everywhere I walked. I felt so at home during my first trip to Woolworth’s and was so happy to eat chicken nuggets and fries without worrying if I was going to be sick later.

I’ve learned a great deal from my time traveling in Australia. This country is huge and there is so many beautiful things to see in each part. I feel like I have only conquered a fraction of Australia and definitely have to come back to explore the Outback! Australia has also taught me things about traveling that I didn’t know before. Not only about how to find the best deals and just how far walking distance really is, but it also has taught me how to be mindful and travel in the moment. I’ve learned how to slow down and explore a place like it’s my home in a way I thought I’d known before but didn’t truly understand yet. Until now. So Thank you, Australia. Thanks for all the beautiful memories and for all the wonderful friends you have introduced me to along the way.

Enough sap. I started my last day in Melbourne with a hearty bacon and egg panini on sourdough and a delicious homemade hot chocolate from Mero Mero. I probably would’ve stayed satisfied all day long from that meal, but with it being my last day and me still having some Australian coins to spend, decided to keep trekking on.

Before I had to catch the Skybus back to the airport, I had lunch at 8bit, a busy burger joint that always seemed to be packed when I walked by. I had an order of chili cheese fries all to myself, and was so full I couldn’t even finish the last half before I had to leave. I was definitely going to be set for the rest of the day (it was barely 2pm) but at the airport, after clearing security and immigration, I spent the last of my Australian dollars on Hungry Jack’s, their version of Burger King and some m&m’s for the plane.

Air New Zealand was wonderful! Only a short 3.5 hour flight to Auckland from Melbourne but still included dinner (omg, so full!), new release movies and complimentary NZ wine! It was just the perfect amount of time to watch the new Beauty and the Beast movie and 3 episodes of Modern Family before I landed at the Auckland International Airport. With the time difference, it was nearly 0100 in the morning when I cleared Passport Control and made it outside of the airport to wait for the next Skybus to take me to the city.

I probably looked crazy taking pictures of the screen. But Emma Watson ftw!

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