Day 61 – Melbourne, Australia

Battling the cold with some heat @ Belle’s Hot Chicken

Today was my last full day in Melbourne before I fly out to New Zealand! I decided to continue the theme of self-care by doing things that make me happy. I explored a new side of the city that I haven’t seen before.

Fitzroy is cool neighborhood filled with tons of shops, restaurants, bars and museums lining the Main Street. I had a long walk through the neighborhood before stopping by Belles Hot Chicken for a hot tenders lunchbox with their perfectly seasoned and crisp Old Bay fries. My mouth was on fire by the time I left.

The next stop was Gelato Messina to cool off my tingling lips. After browsing through four cases with so many different flavors to choose from, I decided on a scoop of coffee gelato knowing I will probably be back tomorrow to try the chocolate sorbet!

I came back to the hostel for a little break and started to read A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George R. R. Martin. After I started to feel chilly, I thought I’d better go back to Mork Chocolate Brew House to try their famous campfire hot chocolate.

To my surprise, there was still another queue for a table (nowhere near as busy as Saturday) so I opted to stand at the counter by the window. I watched the barista prepare the countless orders of chocolate drinks as I waited for my order to arrive.

The campfire hot chocolate comes in a glass filled with wood fire smoke, topped with charcoal salt and a toasted marshmallow to stir. It was not too sweet but I would still prefer the homemade hot chocolate from Mero Mero. But it was still a fun dessert to warm up my insides from the cold.

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