Day 59 – Melbourne, Australia


I’m tired. Tired because I have been walking all day long from 0900 until the sun went down at 5pm. Tired of going from place to place. Tired because I didn’t get a good night’s sleep. I’m just tired. I’m not trying to complain. Australia has been such a great country to travel. I honestly don’t know when I will ever be able to come back here but I definitely want to! There is still lots more to be explored.

But at this point in my travels, I’m ready to just take a day off. I know it sounds pathetic because I am literally traveling the world while everyone else I know is back home and working, but the constant city hopping and living out of a backpack does begin to take it’s toll on you. The only thing that I think can break me out of this funk is the next country on my itinerary, New Zealand.

This morning I left the hostel in a rush and walked across the street to the Carlton Gardens for a bit then went back to the Queen Victoria Market. After lunch and some amazing roasted tea soft serve ice cream for dessert, I walked down to the Shrine of Remembrance and through the Botanic Garden for sunset.


I still have three more days in Melbourne before I fly out to New Zealand, so I better relax and enjoy staying in the same city for a little bit longer. Once I start in Auckland, it’s gonna be back to lightning-fast pace, traveling from location to location pretty much everyday. The good thing is that the route is already planned and there is a variety of activities in each place. I can’t wait to share what’s in store next.



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