Day 58 – Melbourne, Australia


I saw a wild kangaroo! I left the hostel at 7am this morning, before the sun had even come up so that I could make it back to Melbourne by 11am to return the car. Instead of driving six hours on the winding Great Ocean Road, I decided to go through the countryside instead. The drive included lots of dairy cows grazing in their fields, a herd of sheep in the hills and even a kangaroo!

I had just passed a Wildlife Crossing sign with a koala posted on it when I spotted a kangaroo literally hopping alongside the road. I was so excited, I think I nearly screamed. I slowed down and tried to take a picture but the kangaroo was already gone. Even though I saw loads of them in the kangaroo sanctuary, it was still so cool to see a wild kangaroo in Australia.


After I returned the car, I felt like I had more stuff than when I left Melbourne. My next hostel was about 0.7 miles uphill and there were no trams on the street so I walked. By the time I made it to the Space Hotel, my shoulders were aching and my hands hurt from holding my tote bag filled with food. I dropped everything onto the floor and repacked everything into my regular two backpacks and extra tote for my food then left it in storage so I could grab lunch.

From the hostel, I walked to Chinatown and had lunch at Shanghai Street. It was a little packed so I ended up sharing a table with three other people, but I didn’t mind. The food was delicious and the fried buns were crispy and filled with steaming hot juice from the pork inside.


Later in the afternoon, I met up with Amy and we walked to Mörk to try their famous campfire hot chocolate, but the place was so tiny and there were already a ton of people outside waiting for a table. One of the workers told us that they had already reached their max limit and were no longer taking names for the waiting list for the day, so we decided to leave it for another day. We walked back towards Chinatown and shared a treat. I will have to go back and get the name but it was basically a parfait with a bottom layer of biscuits, black sesame mousse, whipped cream, with green tea/roasted tea soft serve on time. It was so good that I am probably going back again tomorrow to get the roasted tea as a drink!

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