Day 52 – Sydney, Australia


Good morning! I woke up at 0715 and decided to go ahead and make the day trip out to the Blue Mountains. The journey is 2.55 hours by train but it is a good way to enjoy the Sydney suburbs and nice scenery along the way. Plus, traveling by train is my favorite method of transportation. Or at least pretty close to flying.

Travel tip. Take the Sunday train to the Blue Mountains for only $2.50 each way!

I had been going back and forth between deciding whether or not I should get a bus pass once I got to Katoomba Station. I checked the distance on Google Maps and opted to walk the 1 mile down the main road to Echo Point. This ended up being a great idea because after having a bite to eat, the bus stop was crowded with multiple large tour groups waiting to get to the lookout point. And the best part was it’s free!

View of the Three Sisters from Echo Point

Once I got to Echo Point, the viewing area was packed with people trying to get a selfie with the Three Sisters. I snapped my photos and then started the walk towards Katoomba Falls. Unfortunately, the path to Katoomba Falls was closed for construction but I was able to stop at Katoomba Cascade for a bit.

Katoomba Cascades

On the way back to the station, I stopped by one of the cafes on the street and ordered a nice hot latte. Oftentimes, when I am walking longer distances during the trip, I tell myself that I am earning the amount of money I would’ve spent on transportation rather than saving it. For example, the cheapest tour I could’ve booked would have cost me $38. So at the end of the walk, I told myself I made $38 today and it feels more like an accomplishment rather than a hassle.

I was walking next to this picnic area, saw this and stopped to turn around to snap this photo. Something I wouldn’t have been able to do on a tour bus.

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