Day 50 – Byron Bay, Australia

Fifty days, can you believe it?! 

Clarks Beach from Captain Cook Lookout

Another early morning for me, after tossing and turning I was finally ready to get up, checked my clock and was surprised to see it was only 6:45am! I actually had a good night’s sleep last night, as I was lucky enough to have the only single bed in my 5-bed dorm room. The other two guys in the room each had their own bottom bunk with nobody above them, so that’s probably the best sleeping arrangement I’ve seen on my whole trip, aside from that one night in Bali that I had the entire 6-bed dorm to myself. That was a treat.

Tallow Beach from Cape Byron Lighthouse

I checked out of the Cape Byron YHA and left my backpack in storage so I could start my walk to the Cape Byron Lighthouse. I had attempted to do the walk yesterday when I arrived on an empty stomach, which proved to be unsuccessful. So instead, I walked around the corner to The Rocks at Aquarius restaurant and ordered the banana bread with caramelized banana and coffee. Now that I had been fed, I felt energized and ready to roll.

I made it up to Captain Cook Lookout without any trouble and kept walking towards the lighthouse. The walk was about 2.5 km each way and had lots of lookout points to take scenic pictures overlooking the beaches and ocean. I was literally huffing and puffing by the time I reached Cape Byron, the most easterly point of Australia, stopped to take a photo and catch my breath and continued on to the lighthouse.

Cape Byron Lighthouse

Once I reached the Cape Byron Lighthouse, I was rewarded with a stunning 360° view of Byron Bay! The sky was a perfect blue and the sun was hitting the top of the lighthouse at just the perfect angle to snap this photo. I sat up at the top for a little bit to rest, refilled my water and descended back down towards town.

Wategos Beach

After finishing 5 km, all before lunch, I arrived back to town and took a walk along the beach to lunch where we had burritos at Miss Margarita’s. Perfect way to end the trek. While walking through the wooded beach, I realized how much I love hiking through this terrain. This is the kind of exercise that I could do regularly! I need to be in a place that has consistent access to nature in order to stay active. Sorry, Houston, we might have to take a break for awhile.

Shoutout to @Vagabrothers for the awesome travel tee!

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