Day 49 – Byron Bay, Australia


I left Brisbane this morning to catch the Greyhound bus to Byron Bay. The journey was only 3 hours and the coach was comfortable. I remember thinking on the bus, “Great, just one more bus ride to Sydney and that’s it!” but then I remembered that I booked the Kiwi Experience in New Zealand so that entire country is going to be by bus. No worries, the bus is really not bad at all except the overnight rides.


I got dropped off on the main street in Byron Bay. My first impressions were that Byron is a really cool “hipster” town. There are lots of organic everything stores and shops lining the streets, barefoot people, surfers, and musical performers on just about every corner. I meant to make the hike up to the lighthouse in the Cape of Byron, but once I reached Captain Cook Lookout point, I had to turn around to find lunch. I didn’t mind the walk because the weather has been absolutely perfect the past few days.

I went to a restaurant called The Rocks at Aquarius for lunch, around the corner from my hostel and ordered the Crispy Chicken Sandwich. This was not your ordinary chicken sandwich, it had two fillets of chicken schnitzel, smashed avocado and house-made bacon jam with jalapeno salsa. So good, I’m going back for breakfast tomorrow. After lunch I spent some time at the library, planning and booking the next leg of my trip. Reliable wifi is so hard to find in Australia! And forget about free wifi.


Back at the hostel, I finally did some laundry and met up with Amy for dinner. We are pretty much on the exact same trip, coming from Bali, starting in Cairns, down to Melbourne, and onto New Zealand. It’s so nice to have a travel buddy, especially to split the cost of meals! We shared a basket of fish and chips with calamari at Fishmongers, walked around town and got some caramelized fig gelato for dessert. Yum!

IMG_4008Story Time. I made it this far into my trip but I finally did the inevitable. I came back to my room to do laundry and decided I should shower first so that I could wash all my clothes together at the same time. I took my day bag and put it in the locker and shut the padlock. After my shower, I realized I had locked the key to the padlock inside my day bag. Perfect! So I had to go up to the reception desk and tell the guy so that he could come and cut the lock off. RIP little lock. Granted it was only a $1 lock from the dollar store, but it served me so well for two months.

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