Day 48 – Brisbane, Australia


Today was a great day. Woke up early and well rested! Had breakfast and started walking towards Southbank to explore. As I was walking through a farmer’s market, I ran into Amy, a traveler from Manchester that I met on the Wings 3 and Fraser tour, and we walked along the boardwalk. After Amy left to get ready to go to Byron Bay, I continued my walk to Kangaroo Point then caught the ferry back to the farmer’s market where we started.

Since it was still morning, I kept walking past the Parliament building and ended up at the QUT campus. I pretended like I was back in college for a moment and then walked through the Botanic Garden back towards my hotel.


Around the corner from my hotel is a Pack & Send, where I sent a package home with a bunch of stuff that I don’t need. I ended up lightening my load of about 4 kg and made some much needed space in my backpack. It’s pretty amazing to think that everything I need is packed into two backpacks and I have been carrying it all through four countries over the past two months.

For dinner I finally met up with Josh, a friend of Sophie’s from back home, and we went to Izakaya Kotobuki with a group of his church friends. It was nice to share a meal with people for a change. Everyone always thinks that solo travel is really lonely but the truth is you’re honestly not really alone, unless you’re trying to be. I actually found myself craving some alone time, especially when you stay in hostels. Sometimes it’s nice to have your own room and space, mostly to spread out all your clothes and crap on the floor without anyone getting mad.


After dinner, I went back to Southbank to snap some cool pictures of the skyline. One of the guys at the restaurant recommended I try Max Brenner’s for dessert, so I got a chocolate brownie with ice cream. On my way back, I stopped for a moment by the bridge and looked into the city lights. I just wanted to soak it all in. Often times while traveling, I feel an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, not because anything was given to me, but that I have been able to give myself this trip of a lifetime. It’s been so rewarding to see and do everything but most importantly, knowing that I worked hard to save up for this trip is the greatest feeling of accomplishment.

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