Day 45 – Fraser Island, Australia


Day 3. After a little bit of rain in the early morning, we were blessed with sunshine for most of our final day on the island! Knowing the weather was expected to improve towards the end of our trip, our lead driver, Brendan, changed our itinerary a bit to save Lake McKenzie for the third day. I’m so glad he did! Lake McKenzie is beautiful! The entire lake is surrounded by a fluorescent blue color that dramatically contrasts the deep blue color in the center. I have no idea why it looks like that but it makes for some really good pictures!

The lake was freezing cold but we decided to have a swim regardless. When in Australia. The sun came out for a bit and kept us warm but then it hid again behind some clouds. We enjoyed the rest of the morning at Lake McKenzie then drove back for lunch. At this point, I was already pretty tired from camping and back-to-back tours. We drove back down the island on the beach to the ferry that took us back over to the mainland to Rainbow Beach. I have one more night in Rainbow Beach before I head south to Brisbane!

See you later, Fraser! Next stop is Brisbane!

Last night, I made the mistake of looking through all of my pictures on my phone. I immediately felt homesick afterwards. It just made me realize how lucky I am to have the opportunity to see the world while other people are working to take care of their lives back home. And also how blessed I’ve been to have been surrounded by so many loving people, friends, nurses, family. It’s almost halfway through my trip and I’m excited to return home but still have so much to see and do over the next two and a half months!

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