Day 44 – Fraser Island, Australia

Beach lookout on the way to Champagne Pools

Day 2. Camping overnight was so much fun. We are set up in proper tents with a little sleeping pad underneath our sleeping bags so it’s not really rough camping. We also have toilets and $2 showers on the campsite with a kitchen area where we all prepare our meals as a group.

Champagne Pools

This morning we set out to see the Champagne Pools, named because as the waves splash against the rocks from the sea, the bubbles spill into the shallow pools and it looks like champagne. We spent an hour watching the waves and walking around a bit. At our second stop, Indian Head, it began to pour rain really hard. So our guide let us decide if we wanted to skip the climb and have lunch instead.

Only fitting for us to spot a dingo on our Dingo’s Fraser Island Tour!

After lunch we had to swing by the campsite to pick up tubes so we could float Eli Creek. Brendan, our lead driver, took us to a small freshwater creek that empties into the beach.  Eli Creek stays a cooling 18 degrees Celsius year-round. First, he wanted us to swim down the river together as a group “and come out as one.” He is so funny. He showed us his infamous “floating salmon.” We spent the rest of the afternoon between the beach and floating down the creek. There was a huge group of backpackers from other tour groups that joined us. We were actually lucky enough to have a few hours of sun, but as it started to set, we headed back to camp to begin preparing our steak dinner.


Cooking and camping is actually a treat. I saved some leftover cheese from the lunch wraps and used the breakfast toast and butter to make myself a grilled cheese sandwich. Instead of making potato salad, one of the girls in our group had the idea to slice them up and fry them instead. So we had ourselves a delicious steak frites dinner. Tomorrow is our last day on Fraser Island before we return to Rainbow Beach. Although the weather hasn’t been completely on our side, we have still managed to have a good time and make new friends with the people in our convoy.

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