Day 42 – Rainbow Beach, Australia


I learned how to surf in Australia! I got up at 5:30am. I feel like I have been waking up earlier and earlier on this whole trip. Hooray for being back on a day schedule! Anyways, I walked to the surf shop where I had booked my 3-hr surf lesson with Epic Ocean Adventures. We got into the trucks and 4-wheeled on the beach to our surf spot.


Along the way, our surf instructor, Vinny, told me the story of how Rainbow Beach got its name. It was something likeMurrawar was a very attractive aboriginal women that would meet the rainbow everyday. This made another aboriginal men very jealous and he decided that he would kill Murrawar. He threw his boomerang at her, but the rainbow jumped in front of it to save her. The man and the rainbow had a big struggle across the beach and the rainbow’s colors were left on the sands. Vinny also told us that the sand is full of iron oxide, which basically looks like rusty sands. He said that when there is a heavy rainfall, the sands wash onto the beach and into the water and the entire beach is a bright orange color.

When we arrived at Great Sandy National Park, Vinny went over the basics with us. Nose, tail, rails, stand up, etc. We practiced a bit on the beach and then it was time to hit the water! Our group was just me and another couple, so I had a lot of personal attention. On the first wave, I could feel the ocean pushing me towards the beach and tried to stand up but immediately crashed into the water. I still had a huge smile on my face because it was so much fun! The second time was similar to the first. Third times the charm! Nope, still crashed into the waves. After that, I caught my next wave and stood up and cheered. I kept running back again and again trying to grab as many waves as I could. Each time I successfully stood up, I cheered with excitement. After a very tiring surf session, we packed up and headed back to town. Barely 10am, I had some breakfast and coffee and walked back to the hostel for a shower.

Runners up! Thanks for an awesome surf session, Vinny!

Now I just have to run a couple of errands before my safety briefing this afternoon for my camping trip to Fraser Island tomorrow! Hopefully the weather participates with us. But still, I’m excited. Everyone that I’ve talked to that has been on the Dingo’s tour before me has really enjoyed it. 4-wheel driving on the beach, Lake Mackenzie, and lots of cool people.

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