Day 40 – The Whitsundays, Australia


The last morning of our Whitsundays Adventure Tour was a bittersweet one. We had enjoyed 3 days of beautiful weather, blue skies and amazing sights. I am so thankful that I got to share those moments with such a great group of travelers that I am now keen to call friends. Our crew and our captain were very accommodating and went above and beyond to make sure we all had such a great experience. After breakfast, I spent the morning sitting on the top deck, chatting with some friends and feeling the sun and the sea breeze.

We arrived back at port around 11am. We said our goodbyes and set out on our separate ways from the pier. Even now as I sit in Peter Pan’s for their free wifi, I’m still overjoyed from the great time I had on the boat. This trip was personally recommended to me by my best friend, Sophie. I have to say, it was 100% completely worth it! Even though the visibility at the snorkel sights were not very good compared to the cruise I did at the Great Barrier Reef, the people and Whitehaven Beach certainly made up for it! I’m still on a high of elation from the Whitsundays and can still feel the rhythm of the waves. Although I think that has to do more with the fluid shifting in my ears.

You can’t tell, but I have a huge smile on my face

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  1. I am glad you can embrace the beauty of nature and learn to appreciate what you can see, feel, hear and smell whats in front of you.🤗


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