Day 32 – Bali, Indonesia

Ubud. Last day in Ubud and last full day in Bali before I go onto the next country, Australia! I decided to take it very very slowly today and let Bali soak in. After leaving the Yoga Barn yesterday, I remember feeling so relaxed and centered. I never knew what being “centered” felt like before. It was just another yogi term until yesterday. I spent the afternoon wandering the streets and browsing the numerous shops along the road. I found some really neat postcards for $.50 a piece. I gave the “fresh Bali coffee” a try at one of the local restaurants, and it was good. However, I’m 99% certain that it was an instant mix so maybe I will try again tomorrow.

Pretty sure this “fresh Balinese coffee” was an instant mix. There goes my $.80 cents!

Last night, I was lucky enough to have the entire 6-bed dorm to myself. It was like my reward for putting up with the night before. It actually wasn’t so bad just lots of side conversation that I didn’t care too much for. And to be completely honest, I haven’t been living the hostel life very much during this trip so far. I’ve mainly been staying in budget hotels because they are so cheap in Asia. Tomorrow that will all change as I reach Australia, where the hostel dorm rooms cost around $30 USD per night. But that’s part of the experience, and I’ve got a lot of exciting things planned for the next four weeks.

6-bed mixed dorm @ Joker Hostel 2 [$7 USD/nt]

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