Day 31 – Bali, Indonesia


Welcome to Bali! Today I feel like I discovered the real Bali. The Bali that I have been dreaming of. I woke up at the crack of 10am and set out to find the Campuhan Ridge Walk. It was about a 1.5 mile walk from the hostel so by the time I had actually reached the entrance, I was already tired. Still, I trekked up the slopes and climbed the steps. Just as I was feeling like I needed to take a break and contemplated turning around, I turned the corner and realized I had reached the top of the ridge. It was beautiful! So many green trees out into the distance and you could hear the rushing water from the river below. The ridge walk is exactly as it sounds, it is literally a ridge that you walk along with two drop-offs on either side. The ridge itself is pretty wide so it’s not scary at all but the views are breath-taking. This is why I love hiking. Because at the end of the strain, there is a rewarding view waiting for you, but you have to earn it.


After walking back towards the hostel, I had lunch at Taco Casa. It’s a small little restaurant tucked into the corner of the main street. Yesterday I walked by and it smelled delicious but it was peak lunch hours so there were no tables available. Now I know why. The food was so good. Like Tex-Mex good. And I LOVE Tex-Mex. I decided until I can return back to my beloved Lopez, I’m going to eat at Taco Casa every single day.

Yoga Barn

I had a little bit of time to wind down before I had to get moving for my 2pm yoga class. I decided to go to the famous Yoga Barn, down the street from my hostel. The yoga studio looks like a giant treehouse in the middle of a farm. You can hear locals hacking away at the leaves nearby while you practice your Oms. It was actually very relaxing. I took the Intro to Yoga class, so it wasn’t very strenuous at all. But I really enjoyed it because our instructor, Estee, took the time to explain the principles of yoga and really dove in depth about the practice. If you’re looking for a good workout, you can skip the intro class and go straight into one of the other 15 classes that they hold each day. I, personally, am really glad I decided to take this class and now I feel like I have yoga roots in Bali.

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